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What is Required to Open a new Medical School

Thread: What is Required to Open a new Medical School

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  1. Girl_interrupted said:

    What is Required to Open a new Medical School

    Any one have any insight on the guidelines for opening up an off shore medical school and what country would be most hospitable for doing so (i.e., least beurocratic impediments? What is required to gain WHO acreddidation?

    Any ideas where to find some written information on this?

    Any info is helpful.
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  2. Summer2013 said:
    What you need is lot of money.
  3. devildoc8404's Avatar

    devildoc8404 said:
    No freaking idea.

    BUT I do think that the idea of a deli-style-diner-slash-medical-school could work as a business concept. Delicious sandwiches AND a medical degree? What more could anyone possibly desire?

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    blue... I use red
    - Pablo Picasso

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  4. Summer2013 said:
    I wonder if the Deli makes more money or Medical School makes more money ? I wonder if students can get a scholarship or financial aid for working in the Deli. This internship can prepare the students for alternative employment if they do not get into residency program. Also for owners Deli would be a good business investment if the school gets shutdown in 2023 once the CAAM-HP kicks in.
  5. aimu observer said:
    [ 1 find an island where the government is cash strapped and is looking for long term "tourists"
    2 set up a good website and offer great education---even if you know you never plan to deliver or dont know how to do so
    3 pass the required money under the table to get the islands charter to operate
    4 rent the cheapest building you can find that is barely suitable to start your enterprise
    5 advertise on valuemd or wherever you can

    6 hope and pray
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