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Clinical Program at AIMU

Thread: Clinical Program at AIMU

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    AIMU ADMIN said:

    Post Clinical Program at AIMU

    Clinical Program at AIM-U

    The clinical Programs are phased at the 6 th to 10 th semesters or 3 and 4 th year of Core MD program .Student must qualify the USMLE step I for Clinical Placement in the ACGME hospital . In order to start the integrated USMLE and Clinical Rotation ,student must pass the CBSE . AIM-U's affiliated ACGME clinical facilities / USMLE preparatory centres are located in Atlanta and Washington DC , How ever clinicals are avaible in Chicago and in New York (12 weeks ) .

    Hospital Allotment For Clerkship.

    Students request for advance allotment for specific hospital will not be possible. Students will be posted to the available clinical spots based on the registration seniority . The basis will be first come first serve by matching the specific hospital requirements . How ever students will be allowed to complete the rotation in one city ,including electives ( Except New York ).

    AIM-U students are eligible for Clinical Programs in St Lucia and USA .

    In St Lucia : The Victoria Hospital , National Mental Wellness Centre and The Ministry of Health Wellness Centers .

    St Lucia , Atlanta and DC.

    Mandatory Core Rotations - 44 weeks

    Internal Medicine 12 weeks
    General Surgery 8 weeks
    Family Medicine 6 weeks
    Obstetrics/Gynecology 6 weeks
    Pediatrics 6 weeks
    Psychiatry 6 weeks

    Electives - 28 weeks

    Neurology* Dermatology
    Cardiology ** Oncology
    Anesthesiology Gastroenterology
    Emergency Medicine ** Neurosurgery
    Infectious Diseases

    * Is now required for licensing in certain states
    ** Is highly recommended

    Dr.Mark Coburn
    Clinical Dean and Vice President ( International Students )
    AIMU - WAU Centre for Medical Science .
    Suite # 360 , Washington Adventist Hospital Ambulatory Centre
    7610,Carroll Ave,Takoma Park, MD -20912, United States.
    Ph: 1-240 -393 - 4946. Toll Free: 1-800 -281-1156.
  2. cooldoctor said:
    what is big deal if it is adventist ,it is not a Lomalinda anyways !! is there any residency in Adventist hospital in DC Nops !!
  3. Sajeet1 said:
    are there rotations at adventist?
  4. nantepa said:
    What are the hospitals that students rotate in D.C. and Chicago?
  5. AIMU ADMIN's Avatar

    AIMU ADMIN said:
    DC : Providence , Washington multi speciality and Washington Adventist .

    Chicago :]American International Medical University
    American International Medical University - AIMU
  6. trivuda said:


    how are you?
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    Dent Himesharo said:
    What are the hospitals that students rotate in D.C. and Chicago
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