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Thread: AIM-U vs WINDSOR!

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  1. beejay29 said:


    Hey guys, I am seeking transfer into any of these schools! pls advise me which one is better???
  2. md yenkee said:
    call these school affiliated hospitals speak to the students than take your decisions , all these new schools are bunch of ............. WINDSOR vs AIMU why not AUA vs AUC Ross vs St george ,US vs UK Spartan vs IAU ,IAU vs Xavier ALL saints vs all saints dr.v vs dr.kl MAU vs st martinis

    what a stupid world every one want money , so go and find out from their students on site for it's worth forget this forums
  3. americans said:
    hi guys i want to take transfer in clinical rotation in saintlucia. anyone has idea about this school?
  4. miggy211 said:
    you forgot sub-zero vs scorpion
  5. Craiginder said:
    Windsor has been around longer
  6. CARICOM-MED said:
    BEST, if you stick with the top 4,
    CA-NY approved Medical schools with ACGME required rotations.
  7. startinover said:
    Hi! I'm here now in the basic sciences - just finished Med1. There are a few students doing clinicals here and they are very happy with them. Afraid I don't have first-hand knowledge though, sorry. I can tell you Ilike the basic science program and the area : )
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