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General Information

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  • Location: Guyana
  • Year Founded: 2000
  • USA Clinical Rotations: Yes
  • Time required for MD: 4 Years
  • Tuition (per semester):
    • Pre-Med: $4,500 USD
    • Basic Sciences: $7,000.00 USD
    • Clinical Medicine: $8,000.00 USD
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A Brief History of Guyana

Flag of Guyana

Originally a Dutch colony in the 17th century, by 1815 Guyana had become a British possession. The abolition of slavery led to black settlement of urban areas and the importation of indentured servants from India to work the sugar plantations. This ethnocultural divide has persisted and has led to turbulent politics. Guyana achieved independence from the UK in 1966, and since then it has been ruled mostly by socialist-oriented governments. In 1992, Cheddi JAGAN was elected president in what is considered the country's first free and fair election since independence. After his death five years later, his wife, Janet JAGAN, became president but resigned in 1999 due to poor health. Her successor, Bharrat JAGDEO, was reelected in 2001 and again in 2006. Donald RAMOTAR was elected president in 2011. Read More.

Map of Guyana


AISM began in 1999 and has graduates over 350 medical doctors who are in specialty clinical training and or practicing medicine in the USA, Guyana, UK, Pakistan, Trinidad & Tobago, and other countries worldwide.

We focus on training physicians who can excel in patient-care, research and education as a part of their professional development process. The American International School of Medicine has its main campus, in Georgetown, Guyana, South America; and clinical training sites in the Guyana, Canada, United States, and England.

Our students participate in clinical rotations at hospitals in Guyana, UK, and the United States among other countries. Together, these facilities are geared to provide our students with the opportunity to learn and become involved with the most comprehensive health care facilities available in the world.

AISM sets and maintains the highest standards that are comparable to those of major accredited institutions in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The curriculum is augmented to meet regional needs by the introduction of lecture programs in nutrition, epidemiology and preventive medicine, as well as tropical medicine.


- Graduated over 350 doctors who currently practice medicine in USA, UK, Guyana, Trinidad, Tanzania, Pakistan and other countries

- Over 80% passes in USMLE and 95% passes in PLAB.

- The campus in Guyana has the latest in educational technology and students enjoy wireless internet capability anywhere on campus.

- Our clinical portion of the program is conducted in USA, UK and Guyana.

- AISM starts 3 classes a year in January, May and September.

- Our admission process is centered around finding applicants who will excel in our program and who takes the medical profession seriously.


AISM is listed with the W.H.O. (World Health Organization), hence, our graduates are eligible for certification in Guyana, Canada, UK, and United State of America. AISM is registered with the National Accreditation Council of Guyana. AISM students are eligible for ECFMG certification (after achieving passing scores on the USMLE step I / step II, Clinical Sills and Clinical Knowledge) in United States. The Government of Guyana recognizes the Medical Degree and graduates who pass the USMLE steps 1 & 2 are eligible for internship and certification by the General Medical Council. Students are also eligible to apply to the General Medical Council in the UK for GMC registration and licence to practice after completion of the PLAB examination.

Life at AISM

AISM Guyana Campus is located in the heart of the Kitty, in the capital, Georgetown, and is approximately 2 Km away from the Atlantic Ocean,. It is also walking distance from a Catholic Church, Hindu Temple a Muslim Mosque.  Our campus is in close proximity to supermarkets, a gym, several recreational center, cafés and restaurants.
AISM’s campus is fully equipped with an open library and free internet access.  Snacks and alcohol free beverages are readily available to students and staff on campus.
Throughout the year AISM celebrates several Guyanese and American holidays at our Guyana Campus which includes:
¨ Phagwah—Hindu Festival of Color
¨ Easter—“Christian Holiday
¨ Memorial Day—US Holiday
¨ African Emancipation Day—Guyana Holiday
¨ Eid –ul-Adha—Islamic Festival of Sacrifice
¨ Diwali—Hindu Festival of Lights
¨ Thanksgiving—US Holiday
¨ Christmas
AISM students in Guyana and USA reside in self-contained   secured homes with all amenities. Students have the choice of preparing their own meals or having catered meals.
Students at AISM are also privileged travel throughout Guyana especially during Medical Outreach and Community Health Programs.



AISM offers a four year program consisting of:

    * (2) Years of The Basic Sciences
    * (2) Years of Clinical Medicine.

This curriculum is similar to those offered in medical schools throughout the United States of America.The minimum time required to complete the MD program is 40 months. Students who elect to take a break during the summer semesters will be able to complete the M.D. Program in approximately 48 months.

The AISM MD curriculum integrates both Basic Science and Clinical Science experience with detailed study throughout the four years of medical school. We place emphasis on the following:
  • Academic Concentrations - Enhance student satisfaction with the study of medicine and foster a lifelong commitment to investigation and holistic thinking.
  • Individual Opportunities - We provide impromptu time for individual and group work.
  • Solidification of doctor-patient interaction – we have an extensive clinical science presence in first 2 years of our program. Students are introduced to hospital setting during their first year of medical school. There is sharp emphasis on doctor-patient communication, ethics, and the art of practicing medicine.
  • Modernized teaching methods – we restructure and optimized our course sequence by merging of basic science and clinical concepts throughout the curriculum.

The Basic Science program is divided into Five Semesters of 16 weeks each. This program is taught at the AISM Guyana and starts in January, May or Spetember of the academic year. At the end of this two year program, students must pass the AISM Comprehensive Basic Science Examination before proceeding to the following two years of Clinical Sciences. We encourage our students to take the Step 1 USMLE exams before proceeding into their clinical sciences. A comprehensive 6 weeks Step 1 review program is available in Guyana and Atlanta, Georgia.

Students can also apply for a Masters of (MS) in Medical Sciences which includes a research project, thesis development and defense. All Basic Science Courses are being taught in Guyana, South America.

The Clinical Science Program is comprised of 78 weeks of core and elective clinical rotations at hospitals in the US, England and Guyana. In this program, students participate in the patient care process while rotating through various medical specialties, under the guidance of the clinical faculty and staff physicians.

At the end of each core rotation, students will be tested and evaluated by the respective clinical faculty. Students must pass AISM Clinical Science Comprehensive Examination before he or she can be considered as completing the academic requirements leading to a Medical Doctor Degree from AISM.


All tuition and fees are payable thirty days prior to the start of each semester. All outstanding fees related to the Basic Science Program must be paid before entering the Clinical Medicine Program. All indebtedness to AISM must be cleared before a final diploma and/or transcripts are issued.

AISM tuition schedule  Pre-med  Basic Sciences  Clinical Sciences
  International Students Guyanese and CARICOM students Internatinal Students Guyanese and CARICOM students International Students Guyanese and CARICOM students
Tuition (per semester)  4,500.00  3,500.00  7,000.00  5,000.00  8,000.00  6,000.00
*Other Fees (per semester)  175.00  100.00  175.00  100.00  500.00  500.00
Total (per semester)  4,675.00  3,600.00  7,175.00  5,100.00  8,500.00  6,500.00

* Includes laboratory fee, liability insurance

All tuition and fees are paid Online on our secure website page or by cashiers check, bank draft, money order or American Express travelers check made payable to: American International School of Medicine (AISM).

Further Information

For detailed information, please contact us.

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