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Post "What are my chances" here ONLY

Thread: Post "What are my chances" here ONLY

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  1. stateofequilibrium's Avatar

    stateofequilibrium said:

    Question Post "What are my chances" here ONLY

    Ask what your chances are here ONLY

    * Please ask all "What are my chances?" in this thread only. All others will be locked.
    * This thread is for admission chances discussion ONLY, please stay on topic. If you have a question not related, please start a new thread
    * This is an experimental thread to help create a receptive and informative atmosphere, if it doesn't work or gets out of control, it'll be locked down and we'll return to forbidding you to ask at all.
    * If you are replying, please use the REPLY function to avoid confusion to whom you are addressing.

    ** DISCLAIMER: We cannot tell you with any real authority on your chances. The best idea for your actual chances is to apply and find out.


    For reference: STUDENT PROFILE FOR 2006
    American University of the Caribbean

    90% are U.S. Citizen or permanent resident
    4% are Canadians
    6% are International
    40% are Female students
    60% are Male students
    98% have Bachelor's degree or pending degree
    7% have Master's degree
    0% have Doctorate degree
    Average Cumulative GPA: 3.2
    Average Science GPA: 3.1
    Average MCAT: 23

    Important Notice

    Violations of the Terms of Service will be immediately dealt with. Courtesy PMs or immediate infractions will be given at the discretion of the moderators.

    Due to numerous posts going off-topic, warnings and infractions will be handed out without warning.
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  2. ill be a doc soon said:
    Quote Originally Posted by Sam2244 View Post
    Hello all, I was wondering what my chances are for September 2019?! I have applied and pretty much sent in everything minus my personal statement, and I’m taking another MCAT in March.
    Stats are:
    2.7 gpa
    First MCAT was 485
    And will be taking it again in March
    -strong upward trend with my senior year GPA at 3.8
    -lots of shadowing and extracurricular, and volunteering
    -will be sending in about 5 letters of recommendation.
    If interview goes well you will likely be put into merp, even with mcat retake.
  3. Sam2244 said:
    Were you also merped?
  4. s8k2jl said:
    Hey guys! I was wondering what are my chances for admissions? overall gpa: 3.05 (diy post bac: 4.0) & mcat: 491. ECs: shadowing, research, serving the underserved etc. Thanks so much!
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