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Does school matter for residency?

Thread: Does school matter for residency?

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  1. dmr said:

    Does school matter for residency?

    ( Not sure where this question belongs, so I did post it in multiple sub-forums, forgive me for the repetitiveness)

    I read a thread this morning: (won't let me post a link)

    "By and large I don't think it makes a huge difference between Ross and SGU, but I am tangentially involved in applicant recruitment at my residency program now, and we don't consider applicants from other Caribbean schools really so take from that what you will. Again though this is just one data point at my own program, and this probably varies with geographic location, too. Programs in the NE are likely going to be more familiar with Caribbean schools in general."

    "We had about 1,200 applications for 8-11 spots. I don't know how many interview offers we made or the stats on those applications yet as I'm not involved at that level, but we interviewed about 120, none of which were graduates from Caribbean schools other than SGU or Ross, and our program is friendly towards IMG's and FMG's."

    One of the posts mentioned that they've only looked at SGU/Ross grads. I'm just wondering how accurate this is, and whether this is a pattern for a lot of residency programs? I'm debating between AUC and SGU and this would definitely affect my decision.

    Hoping that someone can provide context for this?
  2. JimHo said:
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