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Current Students--How do you like AUC?

Thread: Current Students--How do you like AUC?

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  1. doc305 said:

    Current Students--How do you like AUC?

    Hi I've been accepted to the fall 2017 class and would like to hear from some current students about their experience at AUC.

    How do you like the professors? What is the community feel like (cut throat?)? Are there a lot of problems with the generators? is the admin supportive and helpful once youve been accepted? how does transportation work if off campus? have you had to wait for rotations? what is the exam setup? etc

    I've also been accepted to AUA and given 6k per sem and unsure of which one to pick. Any advice on what would be best?

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  2. JimHo said:
    Thank you very much for the link!
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