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Chances of admission to AUC

Thread: Chances of admission to AUC

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  1. tlkennedy3 said:

    Chances of admission to AUC


    I'll keep it factual and to the point. I would like to hear some thoughts on my chances for admission to AUC. I am looking at January 2019 (assuming that the infrastructure of St. Martin is adequately rebuilt given the recent storm).

    MCAT (May 2016): 499
    Chemical and physical: 124
    Critical analysis: 127
    Biology and biochemical: 127
    Psychological and social: 121

    B.A. Biology from the University of Louisville (December 2013)
    Overall Undergrad GPA: 2.42

    M.S. Physiology & Biophysics from the University of Louisville School of Medicine (May 2016)
    Program GPA: 3.53

    M.P.H. Environmental & Occupational Health from the University of Louisville School of Public Health & Information Sciences (May 2016)
    Program GPA: 3.16

    Notes about graduate school: I took 2 semesters each of 600 level physiology (I and II) and biochemistry (I and II), which were taught by medical school faculty, in many cases using the same PowerPoint and similar exam questions that were given to the medical and dental students.

    Also while in graduate school, I worked on 3 projects that resulted in published papers:
    1) Conducted zero gravity flights with NASA to develop surgical methods in reduced gravity
    2) Worked on a U.S. Air Force critical care transport project to support integration of dialysis capabilities to an ECMO-style system for blast injuries
    3) Worked on a public health project related to opioid use, tracking ED presentations and noticing trends between decreasing opioid pill usage and increasing heroin usage.

    I became an EMT-Basic in July 2009 and then went on to become a Paramedic in January 2012. I worked full time in EMS until January 2017 (throughout both undergrad and grad school). I still work EMS as a paramedic a couple of times a month. I hold certifications in advanced cardiovascular life support and pediatric advanced life support (among others).

    I currently work in strategy consulting for a large health insurance company.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. axiomofchoice said:
    You'll get into DO school with your stats now.

    Repeat MCAT and SMP will get you MD.
  3. yasmindawson said:
    AUC has moving enlistment and concedes three new classes every year, in January, May, and September. Along these lines candidates may present an application whenever. In any case, understudies meaning to select for a specific semester ought to know that classes do achieve limit. Talk with an affirmations counsel to discover how to be readied.
  4. JimHo said:
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