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AUC Interview Questions - June 2018

Thread: AUC Interview Questions - June 2018

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  1. cakepops said:

    AUC Interview Questions - June 2018

    Interview was very laid back done over a platform called Zoom. More conversational and not as formal. Interview lasted about 40 minutes. Some questions asked were: (not in this order)

    -Tell me about where you live now/tell me about yourself
    -Why did you choose your undergrad college?
    -Why did you choose your major?
    -Why do you think you had academic difficulties? And what did you do to improve this?
    -Why medicine?
    -What residency field do you think you want to enter?
    -Tell me about your favourite volunteer experiences.
    -Tell me about your research experience.
    -Why did you pursue continuing education?
    -How did you prepare for the MCAT?
    -Why AUC?
    -Why did you apply for May 2019?
    -Is there anything on your resume you want to talk about?
    -What are some final thoughts you want the admissions committee to know about you??
    -Are there any questions you have?

    Decision time is pretty quick. It takes about a week to find out. The admissions committee meets every Thursday to decide.
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  2. MDspartanMD said:
    The second zoom interview was literally 3 short questions and lasted 8 minutes lol. But anyway I got accepted as well !
  3. cakepops said:
    Congrats on your acceptance! 🎉 🎊 🍾
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  4. VidDr said:
    I went a few years back, but my interview was really quick and simple!
  5. danielpaul said:
    Thanks so much for these questions! I was wondering who you interviewed with?
  6. cakepops said:
    I interviewed with Laura Dwyer, she deals with Mid Atlantic region. If you live in those states, I think there's a good chance you'll interview with her!
  7. twitchyfides said:
    I would like to add that in addition to those question, I was also asked
    "Share one moment where you felt that you showed exemplary effort or leadership",
    "Would you like to expand on this issue in your application" (unless you have a perfect app, whatever weakness you think you have, they'll usually ask for an explanation for me it was my grades).
    "How does your family feel about this, are they supportive?".

    I have a project management background so perhaps it was tailored for my work experience. Just remember that they might ask you something that pertains to your skill set in your work setting. I would definitely suggest that you just do an overview of your CV, dont try to recount every detail in it like I did. Try to be as friendly and social as you can, dont be too rigid. You should be good to go. Mine went fairly smooth.
  8. Trudy28 said:
    Thanks for sharing! It is good post fore those who looks for the job but what have you answered? are there any answers you feel sorry for?
  9. Trudy28 said:
    Thanks for sharing! It is really good post who those who are going to the interview. But are there any answers you feel sorry for?
  10. cakepops said:
    Sorry for the late post! I think the 'what are some final thoughts question,' took me off guard, wasn't expecting that!
  11. JimHo said:
    This is very useful information for me. Thank you very much!
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