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AUC Interview Questions - June 2018

Thread: AUC Interview Questions - June 2018

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  1. cakepops said:

    AUC Interview Questions - June 2018

    Interview was very laid back done over a platform called Zoom. More conversational and not as formal. Interview lasted about 40 minutes. Some questions asked were: (not in this order)

    -Tell me about where you live now/tell me about yourself
    -Why did you choose your undergrad college?
    -Why did you choose your major?
    -Why do you think you had academic difficulties? And what did you do to improve this?
    -Why medicine?
    -What residency field do you think you want to enter?
    -Tell me about your favourite volunteer experiences.
    -Tell me about your research experience.
    -Why did you pursue continuing education?
    -How did you prepare for the MCAT?
    -Why AUC?
    -Why did you apply for May 2019?
    -Is there anything on your resume you want to talk about?
    -What are some final thoughts you want the admissions committee to know about you??
    -Are there any questions you have?

    Decision time is pretty quick. It takes about a week to find out. The admissions committee meets every Thursday to decide.
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  2. MDspartanMD said:
    Thanks so much for these questions! I was wondering who you interviewed with?
  3. cakepops said:
    Hey MDSpartanMD, I had an interview with Laura Dwyer. Also I found the blog 'Diary of a Caribbean Medical Student' really helpful for talking about Why AUC. Definitely check it out if you haven't already!
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  4. MDspartanMD said:
    I'll definitely check it out! I’m actually interviewing soon with AUC. How did the interview through Zoom work? Did you just click on the link at the time you had to interview? Also were there a lot more questions or was it more of a conversation in between questions? I’m just trying to be as prepared as I can be so any advice is appreciated
  5. cakepops said:
    Yah, you just click the link sent to access Zoom at the time of your interview. Those were all the questions I was asked! It was really conversational and casual. There was a lot of conversation between the questions.

    Also, don’t freak out if there’s technical difficulties like the screen freezing—just ask the interviewer to repeat the question! (They know that these difficulties happen.)

    Don’t worry, you’ll do amazing! Good luck 🍀
  6. MDspartanMD said:
    Thanks!! (I'm assuming you got accepted since it sounds like it went well!) and I see you applied for May 2019, since it's so far away are they still making you pay for enrollment and housing soon or is the deadline closer to May 2019? Also thanks so much for taking time out to answer my questions lol
  7. cakepops said:
    I just received my acceptance today! I haven't received my package yet but they said they'll mail it out next week with more information. The deposits are due 3 weeks after the acceptance.
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  8. cakepops said:
    Just an update on the timeline if you apply a year in advance: (Applied for May 2019 term)

    Acceptance - June 14th
    Enrollment Reservation fee - July 6th, 2018
    Housing - February 1st, 2019
    Health Clearance Certificate items - February 1, 2019
    Temporary Residence permit documents - February 1st, 2019
    Flight to Saint Maarten: February 1, 2019

    As well, I was told it is fairly easy to move up your matriculation date to an earlier term once accepted, however, it is harder to defer.
  9. MDspartanMD said:
    Thanks for the timeline! I was wondering if you also had a phone interview after the interview through zoom?
  10. cakepops said:
    I did not have a phone interview after the Zoom interview. I’m not sure why they would schedule you for two interviews but maybe you can follow up with your admissions advisor to ask.
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