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Really need your help guys; Urgent

Thread: Really need your help guys; Urgent

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  1. twitchyfides said:

    Really need your help guys; Urgent

    Hi guys in quite a predicament right now. So I applied to SABA and got rejected without an interview, they sent my file over to MUA, who conducted an interview and accepted me. This is for the upcoming September 2018 semester, orientation is this monday so I am scrambling at this point.

    I also have a conditional acceptance from AUC in the form of a MERP in December, 2018 and then upon successful completion, admittance for May 2019.

    Important things to note, I’ve been out of school for a long time, AUC calculated my sGPA at 1.9, MCAT was a 26. I have been working as a project manager ever since I left school for work. I am 26, I am also Canadian. I was studying for my PMP over the past summer so I was putting in 8-10 hour study sessions at the local starbucks no problem.

    MY thing is that I am extremely scared on what to do, I literally have till tomorrow to get all my things sorted out for MUA. The one pro with MUA is that it will give me a headstart of 8 months, its also cheaper. The Canadian dollar isn't doing so well, but I have family support and they have assured me that money is not an issue. Also Nevis requires certain medical tests done before they can give you a VISA, and since I got an acceptance from MUA yesterday nobody can get this results in before I have to be on the Island this Monday. I spoke to their staff and they told me to come to the island and the staff will help me get those tests done locally, I am looking at missing two days worth of classes though in the first 30 days. Is this a big deal?

    with AUC, the island is better, its more expensive, but with MERP I’ll definitely be on the right track to succeed on St. Maarten. It’ll also set those ever loving study habits. Things I am looking forward to are US clinical rotations, MUA placed two candidates over the past 10 years in Neurosurgery residencies. That is a huge deal but they place such a tiny amount of residents and not in desirable places either so theres that. I am looking to practicing some form of IM and or some kind of surgical speciality in the NYC area. Both AUC and MUA place students in Ortho and Surgery (General and Preliminary)

    Right now I am so anxious on what to do, it seems so overwhelming. I hate rushing things, and not planning in advance so my nerves are on the edge. With MUA I can start the medical school journey this time next week, but with AUC i’ll have to wait 8 months. I really need help on the pros and cons of each school, I didn't even consider MUA until I got rejected from SABA. I do know someone starting at MUA in September as well so theres that.
  2. Atlantichater said:
    If you go to MUA, you will miss the first two days of classes, which is a huge deal. You will fall behind and stress yourself out even more. What MUA is doing to you psychologically is unacceptable. They are literally pressuring you to make a split decision.

    I would never go to a Caribbean school that does that. Regarding AUC, don't say yes right away unless you are confident in your abilities that you can get thru MERP. AUC is well established and well known by program directors.

    The good thing is that you currently have a job as a project manager. I would encourage you to save as much money as you can from your job, wherever you decide to attend.

    Look into the otber CAAM-HP accredited schools with core clinical rotations established in NY, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois. Like AUA, Ross, St. Georges.

    The other viable options are also schools in Australia, Israel, the UK, Ireland, and Poland. You should do your research and look into these programs as well.

    I'm an AUA grad from 2011, matched into IM the following year, finished in 2015, and now I'm a practicing Attending for 3 years.
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  3. JimHo said:
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