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USMLE attempts

Thread: USMLE attempts

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  1. auc1978 said:

    USMLE attempts

    is there a limit on how many times we can fail step1???
    i just got my score today and i am sad to say that i have failed my third attempt.. i will try again but will auc withdraw students due to repeated failures/?? i am
  2. auc1978 said:

    thanks tRmedic21...and others

    thanks for the constructive comments. I got quite upset after reading WSU's negative remarks but tRmedic21's encouragement really lights up my day. i am not looking into competitive programs, I am interested in primary medicine and .

    I did psych in California so I am kind of "buying time" for studying step 1 right now. I have about 3 mos to study before using up my furlough time. I think I will sign up for the Kaplan course and Qbank and will try my best to pass this time. I got 170 which i think it's bad for someone who took the exam 3 times but it's not totally worthless. AGain thanks to all who have helped!
  3. tRmedic21 said:

    Good luck!

    Like I said, I think you can do it, and I hope you believe in yourself, too! I won't pretend to give you adivce on the exam, but I will do all I can to encourage you! And if there's anything I can do to help, let me know.
  4. A.H. said:


    Since you got a 170, which isn't very close to the passing barrier, you need remediation. A review course is exactly that. It should up your score by 15-20 points AT LEAST. DEFINITELY invest the time and money to take a 2-month or so review class. It will pay off, I promise.

    When you do 4th-year elective at places you'd like to do residency, if they like you and your work they won't care what your grades/scores are. Its all relative. Keep working hard, but definitely take a review course!!!
  5. jeena said:
    What about attempts limit for USMLE 2 in AUC ? Any idea ?
  6. ManzoorKhan said:
    Try try again You will surely succeed in your aims
  7. VidDr said:
    It's not the end of the world, but failing step 1 three times as an FMG is going to make your path very uphill. I would start looking into non-clinical jobs. Jobs where they are looking for someone with a medical background, but do not need residency. Like a drug safety officer or medical writer.
  8. danielpaul said:
    Take a review course and pass this time.

    Then do well in clinicals and get good letters of REC and pass Step 2 on the FIRST ATTEMPT. That will make up four step 1. You'll have to go into IM, family, peds or psych for sure now and at an uncompetitive place, but you will get a job if you do the above. Thousands of spots go to true IMGs and you'll get on those positions.
  9. JimHo said:
    Thank you for these posts and links, I hope this will come in handy.
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