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New Batch of Special Class September 2011

Thread: New Batch of Special Class September 2011

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  1. doctorcpal said:

    Smile New Batch of Special Class September 2011

    Hello Everyone (Fil-Ams preferably!) who are contemplating on going home for MD training and coming back to practice here in the US - what a noble plan - I should know I am doing it myself!! Well, the NMAT in LA was a bit too intense for me, but I met Mr. JR the US Representative of Fatima - In summary, this is what he told me :

    -prereq courses - Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics (all your classes on these to date counts)

    -special class of up to 30 students separate as a group cohort - moving up together and helping each other

    -Title IV through Sallie Mae (I walked through this and you can be approved for up to $22,000.00 to cover all expenses - tuition, room and board), I had to cancel my application because I don't really need it until 6 months before opening of classes - so around April-May is most ideal to get funding lined up.

    -New news is that the president and director will be here looking to add another hospital to the three they already have for clinical rotations after the 3rd year - and they are looking at possibilities of adding a hospital system in California - so there is a good possibility for this very soon.

    -He told me that there are dorm facilities on campus - that go for $250.00 could anybody confirm this, or give us a roadmap to finding an ideal place to stay close and safe/comfortable?

    -I was thinking of other schools, but no one present a realistic path to getting a good transition into US prospects within a reasonable time better than Fatima - and I do not want to spend one third of my time in the heat of traffic or possible flooding - I had very bad experiences with this in times past...

    -If one is mature, driven and focused - this can work wonders for that person, and with dedication to your goal and not being sidetracked by all the diversions that could tempt one into straying from your goal -(in that case, you're better off chipping away on a big block of wood in your backyard here - you might make a good totem pole out of it and saved you from contributing to the growing US debt , but if you want to save the world on a bargain - let's do something about it together - and go to Fatima next year (I am already decided on this, so If you are thinking about it - let's keep the conversation rolling and help each other).

    Have a great day!
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  2. pr0j3ktm said: also starting this sept. 2011

    i take the nmat this dec. 12. tho..ill be seein you.
  3. doctorcpal said:

    NMAT Pointers

    Very good! Are you in PI already, or you will go home to take it -
    The reviewer is a good help but the test is way more difficult - but doable.
    Pre-Calc and Advanced Algebra along with Sociology and Anthropology are mid to last part of textbook topics. Physics and Chem are the complicated topics you have to have taken - make the guide a way to set your study, and if it helps - they do not put too much weight on the MCAT - as you are still studying for the real deal.
  4. 2BNMD said:

    Applying for residency?

    I have heard that when you are applying for residency positions - "The Match" - it is important to have LORs from US based doctors (if you want to do residency in US).

    So, if you do the 3rd year cores in PI and get LORs from the rotations there, is this not good enough for application to residency programs in the US? If you get letters from the PDs in the 4th year electives you do in the US, these will be received too late to apply for residency that starts in July after you graduate.

    If anyone has experience in this situation, please let us know if this is the case and what can we do in this situation. I'm just looking ahead and trying to avoid problems if I go this route.
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  5. thekindofguy said:
    There are no 3rd year cores in the PI. You do your cores in your fourth year. Its a 3 year classroom and 1 year hospital type deal.
  6. doctorcpal said:

    You're right about core clinicals in PI

    Thanks for checking on the 3rd yr core point - I was mainly going by Mr JLR's information - I checked the curriculum of Fatima, it is all subject matter classes in all the different medical fields - he must have meant different opportunities to shadow the doctors as part of the classroom work, because he said " by the time we do our cores we would be ahead already. " The fourth year in a US hospital program will take care of the US LOR's for those who do their cores here as well - so those are very much in play in prep for the residencies - I have all three years before I will see how they all work out... and by then Fatima might have added a California teaching hospital to their US hospital list...
  7. TriageModerator's Avatar

    TriageModerator said:
    Can anyone confirm whether all of the rotations are greenbook?
    ValueMD Super Moderator
  8. doctorcpal said:

    Smile Mixbag - Green book and not

    From looking at other posts - not clear how much beyond the 3 months FM Greenbook, but I take it that if you get most of it from Fatima - all is greenbook that's done there - and cheaper, too!
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