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Philippine Med School

Thread: Philippine Med School

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  1. classysassy said:

    Red face Philippine Med School

    Hi all!

    I am from Texas, will be graduating next year (May 2012) and would like to start med school as soon as possible. So probably by fall of next year... I'm looking for med school in the Philippines that will let me practice in my current state which is in TX.

    Fatima seems like a good choice cuz of their foreign class (federal loan and clerkship in the US) but I heard they are not really accredited in TX. Can anyone please enlighten me on this?

    Also besides Fatima, is there still any med school in the Philippines that offers clerkship in the US and is accredited in the state of Texas?

    Thanks guys! Glad I found this site!
  2. doctorcpal said:

    September start of Int'l Cohort at Fatima

    Just so you know, if you are considering Fatima - the regular domestic MD program is traditionally June to April or May, the International group follows the US Sept to May schedule.
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