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Cebu Doctors and the USMLE Step 1

Thread: Cebu Doctors and the USMLE Step 1

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  1. NCTEACHER said:

    Cebu Doctors and the USMLE Step 1

    Hello All,

    I am from North Carolina and I am 25 year old teacher who has just been accepted to Cebu Doctors' University.

    I have a bunch of questions before I decide to travel across the world to study medicine. I have always been extremely passionate about medicine but honestly, my GPA will just not cut it to make it into medical schools in the US.

    1) How do students from CDU study for the USMLE Step 1? What is the time frame for these student's when it comes to applying and taking this exam? Is there enough time during a break to take a review class?

    (I don't want to wait till after my 4th year but I do want to get into a good residency)

    2) Do US Citizens' find it difficult transitioning to this school? Do they have friends or people to study with?

    3) Will the PBL curriculum not allow me to study for the STEP 1 exam during my 2nd year?

    4) If you have been a CDU student, what US clerkship rotations have you completed? If you have graduated, what are some examples of residencies that have been attained in the US after attending this school?

    Hope someone can answer these questions!

  2. NCTEACHER said:
    Also, what is the uniform at the school? If you are current student (or going to be a student soon) please contact me because I will not be able to make it to the first week of school due to my previous job.

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