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Philippine Medical School Questions on Admissions

Thread: Philippine Medical School Questions on Admissions

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  1. majisdicp said:

    Philippine Medical School Questions on Admissions

    I am interested in going to AUF or Fatima. I know every school has different requirements, but there are way too many to try and contact. I just want to know:

    1 - Do you have to take the MCAT or equivalent to get into schools in the PI? Basically, is this waiver-able? If so, what schools?
    2 - Are there specific courses that are required prior to entrance (e.g. Chem I & II, Physics, etc.) or can you get in with just a science related B.S.? I ask this because I will have a B.S. in Nursing and have recently decided to try med-school. I have not taken Physics and O-Chem. If I don't have to take them to apply, I'd rather not. I have a 3.8 GPA and paid ICU experience. Don't know if that will help to waiver the prereq's and/or MCAT...would be nice!
    3 - Are the schools more concerned about GPA? Or Whole-person/interview?
    4 - I heard that both of these schools take FAFSA, but can't find for sure evidence of this anywhere. Can anyone help point me in the right direction?
    5 - Are all the med schools in the PI accredited/can be transferred to the US?

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. thekindofguy said:
    1. You need to take the NMAT. Although some schools will waive it as long as you take it during your first year.
    2. For the majority of the schools, any undergrad degree will do. However, some of the more competitive ones list certain requirements.
    3. The more competitive ones will look at both.
    4. Don't know.
    5. 40+ med schools in the philippines are accredited. Although I think certain states like California require you to complete extra weeks of clerkship.
  3. majisdicp said:

    Thanks! I did find out about Q.4 - There are 4 schools that take FAFSA. AU, the school I am seriously considering, being one of them.
  4. thesilvershining said:
    good luck in whatever school you choose to study in. do your best!
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