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Thread: Cebu Institute of Medicine Info

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  1. akomusikera's Avatar

    akomusikera said:

    Question Cebu Institute of Medicine Info

    I'm planning to start medical school next June, and CIM is one of my top choices. Does anyone have any idea about the admission requirements (is it tough to get in?) and whether or not they have Saturday classes? Any insight would be much appreciated, thanks!
  2. Dr_me2 said:
    I talked to the Dean, make sure your pre med courses are not too old, and you have a good GPA and you pass NMAT with a good score, she said above 40 so I am not sure if that is a high score or if she made a mistake...
  3. batch2011 said:
    Re: Saturday class- unfortunately, they have saturday class for 1st yr 2nd sem where you will learn the basics in physical examination.
  4. akomusikera's Avatar

    akomusikera said:
    Thank you both. I would have loved to go to CIM, especially since they do have a good academic name, but I'll have to pass since they have Saturday classes.
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