Hello Everyone

I have been searching this site for quite sometime and I must say its has been very useful tool in gathering all the information.

Now back to the reason I have started this thread

I will be travelling to Philippines in April to appear for NMAT and will also visit CDU, CIM, OLOF, SWU to get an insight and then make an informed decision. I am thinking of applying to the universities once I get my NMAt results. Now I am not sure if it will be too late to submit the application for admission for June 2014. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Now the second question is for foreign students who have taken loan from bank(s). I was been told by one universities that they need a affidavit of support authenticated by Philippines embassy along with my bank statements. Now my question is do you have to show that you have all the money (fee+ living expense) in your account or is there a degree of flexibility. I will be taking loan which wont be approved till I get a offer letter. Has anyone encountered this situation. Any comments will be greatly appreciated. Thank you xx