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MD program

Thread: MD program

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  1. qwerton said:

    MD program

    Hello guys!

    I am interested in studying in one of these schools in Phillippines-
    southwestern u. in cebu.
    visayas in cebu
    uv gullas
    I know that almost all medical schools are intense,but some medical schools must be somewhat easier than others.
    I want to have the time to study for medical board exams MCC,8 EXAMS including provisional exams.
    Thanks in advance
  2. bundok said:
    ok... so what's your question?
  3. gab_riel said:
    UAGv djdjdkd is the beeeest
  4. gab_riel said:
    Duuuuude uag
  5. jeevanshetty said:
  6. Activator23 said:
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  7. Activator23 said:
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  9. shanelowney's Avatar

    shanelowney said:
    Join best ASU a Caribbean Medical School for an MD Degree. They also offer scholar opportunities to international students.
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