Hi everyone.

So I'm graduated high school a little less than 2 years ago, and after not getting into Medicine in my home country I moved to China for work. I have been seriously thinking about MBBS in China and have already applied. However recently it has come to light that the Philippines offer an equally affordable MD program with probably a better standard of education..

What's with philippine medical school's websites? They have almost no info about tuition fees, international requirements etc etc.. so frustrating! I am interested in studying medicine in the philippines. I have also checked out some online agencies but there's nothing concrete on fees etc. Can someone help me out? I would like to know whether the filipino med schools still offer the 5.5 year MD program (with several months premed)? If so which ones offer this? I didn't see anything about this on any of the school's websites I looked at. Also, what are the tuition fees for schools generally? For example at CDU and CIM, Lady Fatima etc etc?