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Medicine in malaysia

Thread: Medicine in malaysia

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  1. Nrup Raval said:

    Medicine in malaysia


    I wanted to know about the NuMed (NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY) IN MALAYSIA

    the journey of mbbs there
    your experiences

    is it better than going to central europe (czech republic or hungary)
  2. jeevanshetty said:

    You could explore Perdana university which offers Royal college of Surgeons Ireland MBBS programme and also Graduate entry programme as well..
    Visit their website for more info...
  3. shanelowney's Avatar

    shanelowney said:
    I don't know about New Castle University. But I have one suggestion for you that is. Join Caribbean medical universities for higher studies. They offer clinical clerkship training in US and Canadian hospitals, that is the best point for students. Visit Asu Medical School for medical degree programs.
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