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Mercy St. Vincent

Thread: Mercy St. Vincent

Tags: housing roomate apartment, internal medicine, mercy st. vincent, ohio, toledo
  1. ab111 said:

    Mercy St. Vincent


    I will be starting Internal Medicine at Mercy St. Vincent in March. I'm just wondering if anyone has any additional information that may help me out with this rotation?

    I'm also looking for other people who will be starting at this hospital (in case we can figure out a housing situation) Please let me know if anyone is interested!

    Thanks =)
  2. futuredoc85 said:
    sorry wrong thread
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  3. SH719 said:

    Housing by Mercy St. vincent

    Can u give me detials on where I can stay at mercy st. vincent. I am moving there this weekend and have no help for housing. where did u stay? how close was it? whom can i contact for additional help?
  4. liltwnks9 said:

    I just finished my internal and cardio rotation there and stayed at a place called Parklane Luxury Apartments...i can give you the contact info if you want it
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