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General Information

A Brief History of Saint Lucia

Flag of Saint LuciaThe island, with its fine natural harbor at Castries, was contested between England and France throughout the 17th and early 18th centuries (changing possession 14 times); it was finally ceded to the UK in 1814. Even after the abolition of slavery on its plantations in 1834, Saint Lucia remained an agricultural island, dedicated to producing tropical commodity crops. Self-government was granted in 1967 and independence in 1979. Read More...

Map of Saint Lucia


Hallway view at AUSOM campusThere are many reasons to choose Atlantic University School of Medicine for your medical education. First and foremost is the quality of the education you'll receive in our stress free environment, our commitment to our students, the dedication of the faculty, the affordability of a complete medical education, and the supportive academic community we have developed.

We have always emphasized academic excellence and superb teaching making us a top choice for students who want to be physicians. Our goal is to continue improving the medical education experience received by each of our students as evident by our 5th semester program conducted at a teaching hospital in the United States. This, combined with our clinical program also conducted at teaching hospitals in the US and UK, provides the perfect learning environment for the next generation of physicians.

We recommend that before you apply to medical school that you visit each campus you are considering first, sit it on classes and speak with faculty and students. Proudly we can say we have a 99% enrollment rate for students who take this advice. When you are ready to apply to medical school, take a close look at what AUSOM has to offer. And when you have made your decision, you can begin your Application online in just a few simple steps.


The Ministry of Education, Government of Saint Lucia

Atlantic University School of Medicine was issued a Charter with the right to confer the degree of Doctor of Medicine and which carries with it eligibility for licensure of said graduates. This charter was signed by the Minister of Education and Culture for the Government of Saint Lucia, the Honourable Minister Arsene James, and was ratified by the Cabinet of the Ministers for Saint Lucia.

The World Health Organization

The Ministry of Education in Saint Lucia has requested that Atlantic University School of Medicine be listed with both the World Health Organization and the Avicenna Directory.

Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Ministry of Education has notified the FAIMER International Medical Education Directory, of the Charter and License granted to Atlantic University School of Medicine. To this extent, IMED has listed Atlantic University School of Medicine within its International Medical Education Directory.

Qualified students who receive sponsorship from Atlantic University School of Medicine are therefore permitted to register and complete the United States Medical Licensing Examination(s) required for ECFMG certification. Upon successful completion of the ECFMG examinations and subsequent certification, students are eligible to make application to the National Residency Match Program and enter post-graduate training within the United States of America.

The General Medical Council - United Kingdom

Upon successful completion of the four year medical training program with Atlantic University School of Medicine, interested students are eligible for registration to undertake the Professional Linguistics Assessment Boards or PLAB examination. This examination is sponsored by the General Medical Council of Great Britain. Please refer to the GMC web site, for detailed information regarding requirements and specific information.


The administrative team comprised of business executives, accomplished physicians, research scientists and senior administrators have all worked collectively to develop the academic programs available through the School of Medicine, within Atlantic University.


Students wishing to enter Atlantic University School of Medicine out of high school must complete a minimum of 90 semester credit hoursto be eligible to acquire a residency and licensure in the United States. The premed requirements must include one year (2 semesters) of college level English, one year (2 semesters) of college level math, one year (2 semesters) of college level Physics with a lab, one year (2 semesters) of college level Biology with a lab, one year (2 semesters) of General (Inorganic) Chemistry with a lab, and one year (2 semesters) of Organic Chemistry with a lab.

Pre-Med Curriculum

The Pre-Medical Program is composed of courses which are specifically designed to prepare students to enter the rigorous and challenging academic work of medical school. Students that successfully complete the accelerated premed program will be automatically enrolled into the 4 year MD program. A student can complete both the PreMed and M.D. program in either a Six-Year MD Program, or in an accelerated 4 years, 4 months. Any student enrolled would be required to spend approximately two years in St. Lucia before returning to the United States to complete the fifth semester of the MD program at a U.S. Teaching hospital, followed by six semesters of Clinical Rotations.



AUSOM student studying at laptopIndividuals who have completed high school are welcome to explore the pre-medical program which, upon successful completion, leads to direct matriculation to the medical program. Our Six-Year M.D. Program is comprised of two years of pre-medical studies followed by our Four-Year MD Program.

The Pre-Medical Program is composed of courses which are specifically designed to prepare students to enter the rigorous and challenging academic work of medical school. We welcome high school or equivalent graduates to explore the study of medicine by enrolling in the pre-medical studies program with AUSOM.

The administration has also designed a comprehensive basic medical science and clinical medical science program for students qualified to enter this level of study. The basic medical science program covers all aspects of the medical sciences utilizing modern educational techniques, most recent text books, audio and visual aids, anatomical specimens for real life comprehension of the human body, as well as a comprehensive theoretical analysis of areas such as physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology. The 5th term or semester is completed within a U.S. affiliate teaching hospital, where students are instructed hospital physicians and staff. Physical Diagnosis is taught in real time with patients in a diagnostic environment. Residents within the hospital provide opportunities for AUSOM students to realize and understand the importance of the basic medical science study as a stepping stone to clinical clerkship training. All of which comprise a comprehensive, thorough and challenging educational experience.

Two AUSOM Medical students practicing blood pressure checkingThe Department of Clinical Medicine provides all qualified students with Clinical Clerkship training unsurpassed by any other school of medicine. Each student rotates within accredited teaching hospitals within the U.S. or the U.K. Realizing that acceptance to some of these clinical programs requires the successful completion of the USMLE Step 1, the administrative team works closely with the basic science and clinical science teams to insure continuity, the comprehensive delivery of the most up to date medical science information and subsequently offers each student every opportunity to successfully pass the step 1 examination. Whether a clerkship is completed within the U.S or the U.K. the administration and the Dean of Clinical Medicine, work to insure that each students experience, education and training meet all requirements for entry into graduate training programs in both countries.



AUSOM students in class learning and taking notesAtlantic University School of Medicine offers a 4-year M.D. program for students who have completed a minimum of 90 semester credit hours of college level studies. This should include; one year of college level English, one year of college level Math, one year of Biology with a lab, one year of General Chemistry with a lab, one year of Physics with a lab, and one year of Organic Chemistry with a lab.

Students entering this program are required to spend four semesters (16 months) on campus in St. Lucia before completing the fifth semester at a teaching hospital in the United States, followed by six semesters of Clinical Clerkships.

Fifth Semester is completed in the U.S.A. within a teaching Hospital

The fifth semester at AUSOM is intended to be a bridging course between pre-clinical and clinical sciences. This term is completed in the USA in association with one of our affiliate teaching hospitals.

The courses will be taught by U.S. medical school and residency teaching faculty with emphasis on anatomic and pathophysiological correlation to clinical signs and symptoms.

Daily progress notes, diagnostic hypothesis generation, differential diagnosis, and appropriate lab test ordering will be taught and critiqued by experts in the appropriate specialties.

OSCE will be used as an educational as well as an evaluative tool. Competency based learning objectives will be set and students will complete the course after achieving competency in didactic and clinical arenas. At the end of the course the student is expected to be able to start six semesters of clinical rotations with comprehensive skills in history and physical examination in the major specialties of Medicine, Surgery, Ob/GYN, and Pediatrics. Students who pass their USMLE Step 1 will go on to do their clerkships at US teaching hospitals.



The clinical terms include 48 weeks of clinical clerkships in the core rotations, 12 weeks of additional required rotations and 12 weeks of electives. The core rotations consist of 12 weeks in Medicine and Surgery, 6 weeks each in Pediatrics, Obstetrics/Gynecology and Psychiatry. Additional requirements are 8 weeks of a sub-internship and 6 weeks in family medicine. Each student schedules the elective program on an individual basis with the Dean of Clinical Medicine or a Director of Medical Education.



Our Externship programs is a non-degree seeking programs - specifically designed to benefit International/Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGs) seeking US clinical experience as a pre-requisite for residency appointments. Many residency programs desire FMGs to ideally possess some US clinical experience in order to be considered for post-graduate training.

This program is beneficial for FMGs applying to residency programs in the United States as it provides adequate clinical experience and helps to gain an overview of the US health care system. Externs carry the same responsibility as first year residents and gain hands on experience (this is NOT an observer-ship this is a hands on externship program).

Six-Month Program

The 6-month program offers ONE clinical rotation of your choice. Most popular choices are Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. The cost of the 6-month program is $18,500 USD and does NOT include malpractice insurance. Living and travel expenses are at the cost of the applicant.

Twelve-Month Program

The 12-month program offers TWO clinical rotations of your choice. Most popular choices are Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. The cost of the 12-week program is $33,000 and does NOT include malpractice insurance. Living and travel expenses are at the cost of the applicant.

Specialized Clinical Training

This program is offered to practicing physicians outside the US, who wish to gain additional clinical training in specialized areas that may be unavailable in their home countries. Please contact the Office of the Externship Program for more information.


AUSOM Medical Student in front of Beautiful St. Lucia LandscapeThe Administration, Faculty and Staff of Atlantic University welcome your interest in our academic programs. The choice of a University is always one of great excitement and within these web site pages we hope to answer many of your questions and assist you in the decision making process.

The School of Medicine offers students every opportunity to succeed in their education and career goals. With highly experienced faculty, small class size, low tuition and a comfortable environment in which to live and study, the team at AUSOM is able to assist each student in their discernment process and the realization of their individual career goals. Our students join us from fifteen different countries around the world including India, Africa, Europe, Canada, Mexico, the US, the UK, and St. Lucia. Just over half of our student population is female.

Realizing that every matriculated student has different goals in medicine, whether it be in the practice of medicine, medical research and publication or teaching, AUSOM works to assist each student through the implementation of a highly competitive didactic program followed by a comprehensive and extensive education in the clinical setting. The administration assures each graduate who successfully completes the medical program that their knowledge, skill and qualifications will be both competitive and respected in every venue of medicine.

We invite you to explore the pages especially designed for prospective students. Then, should you have questions regarding our program and how it may best suit your needs, we ask that you contact our admissions office to speak with one of our admissions counselors. Prospective students are welcome to contact us by telephone, e-mail or in writing through the US Mail.

Interested students may submit their application for admission in one of two ways. The first through our online application, which then requires the submission of all supporting documentation by US Mail. Or by downloading, printing and completing an application tothen be submitted by mail along with all supporting documentation. Please refer to our online application or downloadable application for a detailed listing of required supporting documentation. We look forward to working with each interested student.


AUSOM future doctors happy in their white coatsAtlantic University School of Medicine (AUSOM) enrollment is open to all persons regardless of race, national origin, religion, gender or age who wish to devote the extensive time and effort necessary to practice medicine. Our program is designed to provide a comprehensive basic science and clinical medicine education leading to the Doctor of Medicine degree.

Atlantic University School of Medicine's curriculum incorporates standards of academic and clinical instruction that parallel those of the Licensing Committee for Medical Education of the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. All classes are taught in English by experienced medical educators from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and abroad.

Candidates applying to Atlantic University School of Medicine are expected to possess the intellectual, ethical, physical and emotional capabilities required to undertake the full curriculum and achieve the levels of competence required by the faculty. Once enrolled in AUSOM, each candidate for the M.D. degree must demonstrate the ability to learn, integrate, analyze and synthesize information and data. AUSOM will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations for physically challenged students; however, in doing so, Atlantic University must maintain the integrity of its curriculum and preserve those elements deemed essential to the acquisition of knowledge in all areas of medicine, including the demonstration of basic skills requisite for the practice of medicine.

The Island Of Saint Lucia, home to Atlantic University School of MedicineA student's acceptance to Atlantic University is granted upon the presumption by the Admissions Committee that all statements made by the applicant, both oral and written, are true and that all documents are authentic. If it is later discovered that false or inaccurate information was submitted, the medical school may nullify acceptance into the program or, if the student is registered, dismiss the student.

Applicants for admission are required to provide official transcripts documenting the required pre-medical science course requirements for admission to a medical program. Courses completed must be from regionally accredited schools. All documented course work will be verified by the office of admissions. Please refer to the admissions requirements for a detailed listing of the basic course requirements for admission.

Students interested in transferring to Atlantic University School of Medicine are required to provide the same documentation specified by the admissions committee for any student seeking acceptance. All transfer students into either the basic medical science program or the clinical science program must have completed their prior education at accredited institutions.

Tuition & Fee Schedule As of October 2014

Application Fee: $90 (Non-Refundable)

Deposit: $1,000 (Applied Toward Tuition, Non-Refundable)

Graduation Fee: $1,200

PREMED TOTAL: $17,900.00
4-YEAR M.D. TOTAL: $80,400
6-YEAR M.D. TOTAL: $98,300.00
(M.D. totals exclude malpractice insurance)

Carribean Medical School Tuition Costs


Breakdown by Semester


Tuition: $3,300.00
Student Services Fee: $875.00
PM1-PM4 Total : $17,900.00

Tuition: $3,800.00
Gross Dissection Fee: $1,650.00
Student Services Fee: $875.00
MD1 Total : $6,325.00

Tuition: $3,800.00
Student Services Fee: $875.00
MD2-MD4 Total : $14,025.00

Tuition: $7,900.00
Student Services Fee: $250.00
MD5 Total : $8,150.00
Malpractice Insurance*

Tuition: $8,400.00
Student Services Fee: $250.00
CS1-CS6 Total : $51,900.00
Malpractice Insurance*

*Malpractice Insurance is provided through Atlantic University and is a separate charge of $1400 USD once per 3 trimesters of clinical rotations, or a single charge of $500 for MD5. In most cases with regard to clinical rotations, this will...



January 5 (Mon): Orientation Day
January 6 (Tue): First Day of classes
April 13 - 17 (Fri): Finals/End of Term

May 4 (Mon): Orientation Day
May 5 (Tue): First Day of Classes
August 10 - 14 (Fri): Finals/End of Term

August 31 (Mon): Orientation Day
September 1 (Tue): First Day of Classes
December 7-11 (Fri): Finals/End of Term

January 4 (Mon): Orientation Day
January 5 (Tue): First Day of classes
April 11 - 15 (Fri): Finals/End of Term

May 2 (Mon): Orientation Day
May 3 (Tue): First Day of Classes
Aug. 8 - 12 (Fri): Finals/End of Term

Further Information

For detailed information, please contact us.

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