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NAC OSCE study partner in Toronto

Thread: NAC OSCE study partner in Toronto

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  1. taehoonlee said:

    NAC OSCE study partner in Toronto

    Hi there,

    I am taking the OSCE this September. If you are interested in practicing osce cases in Toronto, send me an e-mail please.

  2. skysurfer64 said:

    Looking for a study partner/group for upcoming OSCE in the Hamilton area. Thanks!
  3. newestnewbie said:
    Hi, I am definitely interested. We could do cases over skype or meet up in a library.
  4. hcb said:

    I am a CSA from mid-town Toronto and very interested in practicing cases. I will be returning July 20th. Please let me know if you're still looking for a partner!

  5. anita 123 said:
    Hi there,

    I am taking the OSCE May 2018. I'm looking for a study partner. If you are interested , we can meet up in the library. I'm living in North York,Toronto.
  6. nchop said:
    Hi, I'm in North York too. If you want to study for the NAC please let me know. I can meet at a York U library or fairview library.
  7. Oluyinka said:
    Text me at 6472211978. Also writing NACOSCE in Sept. I live in Toronto.
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