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General Information

A Brief History of the Saint Lucia

Flag of Saint Lucia The island, with its fine natural harbor at Castries, was contested between England and France throughout the 17th and early 18th centuries (changing possession 14 times); it was finally ceded to the UK in 1814. Even after the abolition of slavery on its plantations in 1834, Saint Lucia remained an agricultural island, dedicated to producing tropical commodity crops. Self-government was granted in 1967 and independence in 1979. Read More.

Map of Saint Lucia

About College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Saint Lucia

About College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Saint Lucia

The College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Saint Lucia, has the goal of combining traditional education and modern technology to train physicians worldwide.

The College campus is located in Saint Lucia, West Indies where qualified students may enroll in the following preclinical tracks:

The campus-based Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) Program is a traditional full-time on-campus program,followed by clinical training on site at hospitals in the United States, United Kingdom and elswhere.

The Independent Study Program M.D. program, designed primarily for healthcare professionals, requires 30% of pre-clinical training on campus. Clinical training is done in teaching hospitals in the United States, the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

Students may also choose the Clinical Anatomy Masters Program (M.S.) to test their academic potential while accruing credits that may transfer to the M.D. Program, or to expand their foundation & understanding in clinically related Anatomical Sciences.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Saint Lucia is dedicated to promoting health care worldwide by providing an excellent training opportunity for prospective medical practitioners.

The College of Medicin College of Medicine provides instruction levels that will ensure that graduates at the degree level are well equipped to pursue clinical studies at approved institutions in the USA and elsewhere.

We provide a cost-effective opportunity for students worldwide at our Saint Lucia campus, focusing on traditional medical careers for students in emerging countries and rural regions.

The College of Medicine provides scholarship programs for local students. We support the Saint Lucia mission to advance the training of nurses, and we are a technical resource for the Saint Lucia Government, Healthcare, Education and Business sectors.

Why choose the College of Medicine Health Sciences

Why choose the College of Medicine Health Sciences

If You Think The College of Medicine is Different, You're Right!

The College of Medicine encourages students to become passionate about the art and science of medicine.

The College of Medicine provides a nurturing environment with the right tools to move from passive learning to seeking and building a proficient knowledge in the medical sciences.

Whether you enroll in the Campus-based MD program or The Independent Study MD program, the College of Medicine places a premium on:

  • Engaging students
  • Maximum interaction between students and faculty
  • Personalized attention from instructors


Why choose the College of Medicine Health Sciences

Advanced technologies now make online learning a very convenient option to connect "To A New paradigm In Medical Education". Where ever you live, or travel, with a laptop computer, web enabled device and internet access you will be able to participate in what many other professionals have already discovered -- A 24hour/7day a week access to Pre-Clinical Coursework that has been specifically designed for you to realize your Medical Education dreams.

Our Blended Classroom/Virtual Learning model is a result of the College of Medicine's recognition of a real shift in education technology and innovation. You now have the freedom to tailor your education to a preferred style of learning.

Education Technologies involve the use of:

  • "Tech Enhanced Classrooms"
  • Lecture Web Casting
  • Online Content Presentation
  • Voice/Video over Internet Applications
  • Learning Management systems' 24/7 accessibility


Why choose the College of Medicine Health Sciences

Having access to the lectures, handouts, and clinical cases through the "Cloud" Learning Management system, you are in a position to have high-quality interactions with your professors and fellow students during on-campus or web based class sessions. You will not only come to understand medicine and its culture but also learn to speak the language of medicine during your discussion sessions.

  • The online lectures can be viewed by you or a group at any time (at your best learning time) and as often as desired.
  • The lectures can be used as a review prior to an examination.
  • Portions of lectures can be reviewed to clarify a study point.


In the College of Medicine and Health Sciences learning design, Students are continuously and rigorously challenged through the use of carefully designed VOIP chat sessions. Since everyone in the small group chats are required to attend the Virtual classroom lecture(s), the chat discussions and clinical correlations are delivered with the expectations of proficiency across all of the medical science curriculum.

Academic Overview

Academic Overview

Pre-clinical training is completed in 20 months, consisting of 5 terms of 16 weeks in length. The full time on-campus students and the Independent Study students do the same coursework at the same time. The on-campus time for Independent Study students is scheduled to take advantage of integration of coursework, and clinical correlations.

Academic Overview

Clinical experience during pre-clinical studies: Clinical medicine is continuously woven into the curriculum. From the first week of the first term, the students will be expected to take advantage of clinical contact for up to 4 hours each week. Full time on-campus students will use clinical facilities in Saint Lucia. Distance (Independent Study) students will be required to arrange for such experiences during their off-campus studies, and will use the Saint Lucia facilities when on-campus.



The Independent Studies Pre-clinical program was designed for students who are trained and involved in the healthcare or education profession. Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Physical Therapists, Dentists, Podiatrists, Chiropractors, and specifically trained College Science Professors, and others have many of the attributes we believe important to independent studies, including:

  • Knowledge and experience in a Healthcare Profession
  • Knowledge and experience in appropriate Science college education
  • Outstanding academic background for medical school
  • Maturity
  • Access to local healthcare facilities for clinical experience during pre clinical training
  • *Significant on campus time each semester--Requirement
  • Able to work part time in areas where their input is critical to their local healthcare



The Independent Studies program is identical to the on campus pre clinical program and they flow in parallel, allowing academic mixing of the groups. However, there is a "part-time" independent studies program that extends pre clinical training time, relieving some of the intensity of medical education. The time-tested curriculum is delivered using "State of the Art" Virtual campus software & Lecture Capture , teaching solid basic concepts, incorporating laboratories, lectures, streaming video, chats and assignments.

Clinical training is conducted primarily in teaching hospitals in the USA and elsewhere. 


All partial distance students(Independent Study) must satisfy an on-campus residency requirement of a minimum of 15 weeks. This is normally accomplished by attending the regularly scheduled on-campus session each pre-clinical semester. Otherwise, the student will have to satisfy this requirement prior to being certified to take the USMLE.

Clinical Sciences

Clinical training is 76 weeks in length and comprises required, or 'core" clinical rotations during your first clinical year, and "elective" rotations during your second clinical year.

Core clinical training takes place primarily in the United States.

Note:  All students are REQUIRED to have Medical Mal-practice Insurance for your clinical rotations.  You are welcome to choose any insurance provider you wish.  If you need a Medical Mal-practice Insurance provider, we can recommend Healthcare Professional Services.



If you are in need of clinical rotations because:

  • Your school has too few sites
  • The quality of your rotations is low
  • You would like rotations in specific geographic locations
  • Your school's rotations are not "Greenbook"
  • You can't get rotations in your area of interest
  • We may be able to help you!

Please contact us.

Masters Degree Program in Clincal Anatomy

The College of Medicine and Health Sciences creates success in the Master's Program possible for most students. Participation includes two distinct opportunities:

First, on-campus full-time enrollment in Saint Lucia

Second, a personally designed independent study program, with 70% of course time completed thru our on-line curriculum, and 30% of course time completed on campus.

Medical School preparation track is designed to allow prospective medical students the opportunity to demonstrate their academic abilities at the medical school level.

Career Advancement track is designed to  increase Health Care Professionals knowledge in Clinical Anatomy, thus improving their clinical skills and increasing their knowledge base for teaching and career advancement.



To be eligible for the MD program, a student must have completed at least 3 years of college coursework. However, most students have earned a Bachelor's Degree prior to admission to The College of Medicine and Health Sciences. Exceptional candidates may apply for admission after completion of 90 credits of university-level studies.

Required courses include one year completion of  the following:

  1. Inorganic or General Chemistry
  2. Organic Chemistry
  3. General Biology or Zoology
  4. Physics
  5. College-level Mathematics


Criteria for Selection

  1. Undergraduate cumulative grade point average
  2. Grade point average in required pre-medical coursework
  3. Letters of recommendation (3)
  4. Work history
  5. Professional experiences
  6. Personal essay
  7. A personal Medical Report by a certified physician.



The College of Medcine and Health Sciences has created several scholarship opportunities for Pre Clinical training only. Each scholarship has its own eligibility criteria, and the applicant must meet those criteria in order to be awarded that scholarship. The Scholarship application can accompany the Admissions application, or after the student receives his/her acceptance to the College of Medicine. Applications must be submitted at least 45 days prior to entry into the start of any Basic Science semester. All supporting documentation must be completed in order for the Scholarship application to receive consideration. Each scholarship has its own criteria for award, and those criteria must accompany the scholarship application for the the medical curriculum. Late applications will be considered for the following Pre Clinical semester. Decisions of the Scholarship Committee are final.


Pre Clinical  $7,000.00 per term

Clinical $8,000.00 per term

Tuition is due 30 days prior to the semester start date.

Further Information

For further information, feel free to contact COMHS at anytime.

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