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New rule and meditation time

In several months I will be celebrating my Birthday.
So I will start from now trying to see all the things I have learned in my lifetime.

I will start using the rule of making all my posts within 3 lines long, unless is several questions at the same time or by case.

I will start getting better at reading between the lines.

Because of my ESL problem sometimes I have wrote post that truly look like an USMLE question,with people only having the look of confusion, for example I meant to write where and wrote weer.

It is not the same to call the devil to see him coming.

I have notice that I have change alot and have become more passive. Even by playing chess I have notice that. I have been playing carokan insted of siciliana, or playing gambito evans and not playing D4.

So where has my competitivenes spirit went,when did I become a comformist?

When I started to post in this website, I had an inferiority complex as big as something big.With the years that have passed I ahve notice that my inferiority complex have decrease tremendously,is still there, but at least tame and under control.Some people could call that maturity, others can call it coupe mechanism.

So if I put my competitvenes out, will I bring out that inferiority complex monster I have always had, or will it be different.

I have not spell check nor check the grammar on this posts(you might think, only on this one), here is 2:50 am, And this is what I'm doing.

I like the manga naruto, kakashi the best character of all. Second would be Itachi(pacifist believe or not) and third would be Naruto.

This mighr be even good therapy for me. Who reads my posts? people I do not know. so nothing to worry.

Some people might have a really wrong impression of me, and like someone said first impressions are very important. Now how about years of impression? then what can you do to redeem yourself? because even if you prove they have a wrong impression that is not what they have in their head.

At the end I will say, that I will just try to be a better person in the eyes of GOD and try to help people.


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