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I know someone that feels bad because think they do not know enough, How can someone be in residency, be look up to by his peers and attendings and still feel bad? Maybe the lack of GOD in his life? maybe this is as good as it gets?Maybe inferiority complex, What is consider success?

The only way you can let down your friends is when you let yourself down. They will always be there for you. I experience that recently after YEARS of not talking with my BFF ,Everything was the same, it was like time have not passed.
The worst thing one can do is to isolate himself, but hey I think man are program that way.

Another friend has been always talking about GOD and I have actually have been away from GOD. The things you see, the way the system is, makes you rational and logic and keeps you away from GOD.

I'm still a good boy, just that lately my personal relationship with GOD is not there.

This friends that has always encourage me to go back to GOD has put things into perspective. The important things I have learn from him are:

1- Always trust GOD in everything.
2- Is not what happened, is what you do with what happened.
3- Focus on what you can change and not on what you can't change.
4- Always look strong and upbeat even in your darkest hours.
5- Learn how to properly write English.
6- GOD has a plan for all of Us, we just need to listen to his call.
7- Everything is possible(Ophthalmology)
8- One thing is what you want, another thing is what you need.
9- One thing is what you want, another is what is best for you.(ophthalmology Vs IM)
10- Even if you blew your chances, if you are able to pick yourself up, those chances will appear again.
11- Psychiatry is a VERY COOL specialty, not kidding.
12- FP is for loving tender people that want to know about everything and help everyone.

Base on personality there are some traits that go better with some specialties.
Like caring Vs to the point, Laid back Vs OCD
There are some jokes about personality traits and specialties.

By the way is a pain if a patient in private hospital needs a study and cant afford it or does not qualify for medicaid. You might want to help and that will get you into trouble. Always send them to social worker.

If you do not know where you are going, you will not know when you get there.

If you love someone you must trust them and just be yourself.

I have been keeping my promise no more than 3 or 4 lines per post, unless necessary.
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