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American University of the Caribbean

Founded by the American educator Dr. Paul Tien in 1978, American University of the Caribbean (AUC) is presently located at Sint Maarten. It offers aspiring doctors in the US, Canada and all around the world 20 months of study in the Medical Sciences portion in the campus and later, 4.5 semesters of training in the Clinical Sciences portion where students get to choose between teaching hospitals in the US, the UK or Ireland. From 1978 to 2016, the University has lived through a lot of changes and progress and today it stands as one of the most reputed and renowned Universities with rigorous instructions and training. The active student life in organizations and clubs makes them confident enough to deal with real-life situations, which further encourages them to out-perform in their respective fields. This is one reason why the impact made by the graduates is immense throughout the world while their accomplishments are a pure proof of their intellect and skills.

The interaction of students on Social Media like Facebook, show how enthusiastic and passionate they are about their career choice. Being one of the best Universities for nurturing budding talent, AUC has lived up to the expectations of all its students and in return, the students and graduates have contributed a lot towards making the University proud all around the world.

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