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10 foods for healty and Strong hairs

Thread: 10 foods for healty and Strong hairs

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  1. profilehair said:

    10 foods for healty and Strong hairs

    1. salmon for shine you hairs, its fatty acid and omega so you have to get.
    2.Yogurt which grow your greek with protin and building your blocks locks.
    3. Spinach to battle your brittle hairs.
    4. Guava is used for hair prevent breakage.
    5. Iron meal which prevent your hairs loss.
    6. Lean which make your hairs thick and strong.
    7.sweet potatoes fight your dull locks.
    8. circulation from cinnamon
    9. Eggs for hair growth
    10 oysters for fullness.

    dr. vikas gupta
  2. RobertGreene said:
    Great and very stunning post.I really appreciate your way of work that you have been provided such a informative content with all of among us,you did a great job.Thanks for sharing
  3. magnificentstars said:
    Quote Originally Posted by RileyWiley View Post
    Walnuts and oily fishes too are considered hair strengthening food. They are rich in Omega 3 that boost healthy hair.
    Yes, those are also good for hair.
  4. ksachin377 said:
    You are right but you may add more food like sweet potatoes, nuts & avocados to your list. Fatty fish is most recommended because of omega 3, which is good for hair health.
  5. ksachin377 said:
    You can also add Avocados, Nuts & Seeds to your list of foods for healthy hairs.
  6. Roger Jackson's Avatar

    Roger Jackson said:
    Thank you very much for you tips.
    Do you have any tip to stop hair falling.Also share your idea for new hair growth.
  7. AlbaW said:
    Thanks for your post it is very interesting for me!
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