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General Information

A Brief History of Philippines

Flag of Philippines

The Philippine Islands became a Spanish colony during the 16th century; they were ceded to the US in 1898 following the Spanish-American War. In 1935 the Philippines became a self-governing commonwealth. Manuel QUEZON was elected president and was tasked with preparing the country for independence after a 10-year transition. In 1942 the islands fell under Japanese occupation during World War II, and US forces and Filipinos fought together during 1944-45 to regain control. On 4 July 1946 the Republic of the Philippines attained its independence. The 20-year rule of Ferdinand MARCOS ended in 1986, when a "people power" movement in Manila ("EDSA 1") forced him into exile and installed Corazon AQUINO as president. Her presidency was hampered by several coup attempts, which prevented a return to full political stability and economic development. Fidel RAMOS was elected president in 1992 and his administration was marked by greater stability and progress on economic reforms. In 1992, the US closed its last military bases on the islands. Joseph ESTRADA was elected president in 1998, but was succeeded by his vice-president, Gloria MACAPAGAL-ARROYO, in January 2001 after ESTRADA's stormy impeachment trial on corruption charges broke down and another "people power" movement ("EDSA 2") demanded his resignation. MACAPAGAL-ARROYO was elected to a six-year term as president in May 2004. The Philippine Government faces threats from three terrorist groups on the US Government's Foreign Terrorist Organization list, but in 2006 and 2007 scored some major successes in capturing or killing key wanted terrorists. Decades of Muslim insurgency in the southern Philippines have led to a peace accord with one group and on-again/off-again peace talks with another. Read More.

Map of Philippines

Our History

In our history lives the spirit of two men who chose to excel.

Jose C. Olivares, a professor at the University of the Philippines and Ateneo who had the makings of an entrepreneur.

Vicente M. Santos, a young physician raring to change the world.

In 1967 they built a 20-bed general hospital and changed the landscape of education forever.

For from this humble beginnings rose a School of Nursing whose pioneering batch of 180 students passed the 1976 nursing board examinations with an unprecedented 100% passing mark.

Truly a defining moment that fuelled the rise of Fatima to the institution it is today.

Now Our Lady of Fatima University stands proud as one of the country’s most distinguished centers for learning graduating some of the most distinguished centers for learning graduating some of the most promising young men and women in the country.

Thanks to two men who simply chose to excel.


To improve man as man by developing individuals through a legacy of excellent education and compassionate value formation. The noble dictum “Improving Man as Man” embodies the existence of Fatima Medical Science Foundation, Inc. and Our Lady of Fatima University as educational institutions dedicated to the holistic formation of men and women imbued with necessary skills, virtues and academics development.


The Fatima College of Medicine is one of the Philippine's most distinguished centers for medical education. Constantly responding to the rapid changes in science, technology and the social environment, Fatima fullfills its commitment to produce competent, world class medical practitioners.

It strives to create the best environment for students to master the principles and theories of medicine and obtain sufficient knowledge and experience to launch into a successful practice.

Its the first and only Philippine medical school to have an institutional clerkship program with a foreign hospital. In fact, the University has sent over 100 medical students for clerkship training at the Brooklyn Medical Center and Peninsula Hospital in New York and Jackson Park Hospital in Chicago. Thus, creating career oppurtunities abroad for young men and women.

In its almost more than 40 years of existence, Fatima has graduated more than 30,000 medical and allied medical health practitioners from all disciplines. Proof that makes Fatima a valuable contributor in the development of the medical and paramedical professions in the Philippines and abroad.

The Fatima College of Medicine is housed in five buildings where you'll find the school's lecture halls, seminar and conference rooms, research and teaching laboratories, classrooms, amphitheater, library facilities with audio visual monitors, administrative offices of the departments and parking space.

The College has the latest sophisticated medical laboratory equipment that meet the standards of the Board of Medical Education. Also, it has a computer laboratory equipped with internet access to facilitate research work and networking of all medical students.

All these are put in place to ensure that students have all the necessary tools for learning within their reach.

Fatima Medical Center

At the heart of the College of Medicine lies the Fatima Medical Center, a 200-bed hospital within the university campus. The Center is an institutional partner that serves as a teaching tertiary hospital fully equipped to give students hands on experience and exposure.

It is furnished with sophisticated and cutting-edge medical, diagnostic and surgical equipment. And, houses a first class emergency room, intensive care unit, with centralized monitors, physical rehabilitation clinic, pulmonary laboratory, opthalmology clinic and ENT clinic.

Fatima creates a "hands on classroom" providing students with extensive patient care experience. An edge that could reap benefits for aspiring medical practitioners.

Equipped with cutting-edge training manikins and simulators, Fatima provides students excellent exposure to medical procedures giving them a competitive advantage.


  • Fully accredited by the Association of the Philippine Medical Colleges
  • Ranked 2nd in the PRC Report (as per 1996 for 50 to 100 graduates)
  • Listed in the World Health Organization Geneva Recognized Medical Schools
  • Accredited by the Illinois State Board of Education
  • Accredited by the New York State Board of Education
  • Fatima has an ongoing Clerkship Program with the Peninsula Hospital Center in New York and Jackson Park in Chicago
  • Recognized by the U.S. Department of Education to administer Title IV Program

In 1979, Dr. Santos and his wife, Mrs. Juliet Olivares-Santos, a chemical engineer, pursued the vision of Mr. Olivares by constructing a modern school building and upgrading the Our Lady of Fatima Hospital to a five-storey and 150-bed tertiary hospital in preparation for the opening of the Fatima College of Medicine. In June 1979, the Fatima College of Medicine welcomed its pioneer batch of medical students with Dean Filemon T. Gozum, M.D. at the helm of the academic program. Underscoring its civic and humanitarian calling, the Fatima Medical Science Foundation Inc., established the Leonora Juzgaya Scholarship Grant, which bestows free tuition, board and lodging and textbooks to financially challenged but academically gifted medical students.

Through the years, the Our Lady of Fatima University has responded to the rapid changes in medical science and technology and the social milieu through constant modernization of its facilities and continuing development of its faculty. As a testimony to its outstanding academic program, the Fatima College of Medicine opened its doors and accommodated hundreds of foreign students across the globe. In response to the emerging need for globalization in medical education, affiliations, and clerkship trainings at the Brooklyn Hospital Center, Peninsula Hospital Center in New York, Jackson Park Hospital in Chicago, and Harbor Hospital in Baltimore, all in the United States of America; and SIN-LIU Christian Medical Center, Yuan’s General Hospital, Cathay General Hospital, Tuig’s Metro Hospital, Taichung Veteran’s Hospital, Taipei University Medical Center, and Yang Ming City Municipal Hospital in Taiwan were made.

OLFU’s College of Medicine is fully accredited by the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges and is ranked 2nd in the Philippine Review Committee (as per 1996 - 50 to 100 graduates). We are listed in the World Health Organization Geneva of Recognized Medical Schools.

  • Doctor of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)


For the College of Medicine, deserving students can avail of free Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees, free books, free board and lodging, pocket money and free plane fare for its Clerkship Program in the U.S.A. Affiliating hospitals are the Peninsula Hospital Center-New York and Jackson Park Hospital-Chicago, Illinois.


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