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health and fitness

Thread: health and fitness

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  1. rickymartint said:

    health and fitness

    Every day I was walking a 2k.m, and no problems to a my health. every day walking to a good result to my body are every day eat a fruit and U will be compliant U have a no more problems in your body health and fitness. U every day walking to U are maintain your body and good fitness.
  2. devildoc8404's Avatar

    devildoc8404 said:
    Golly, and that Ricky Martin is in great shape! I would never have imagined that this was simply due to walking 2km and eating a serving of fruit each day. You would think he would have made an infomercial about this, or something.

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  3. farnandis said:
    After all, it can...

    * Help improve general health through a multitude of beneficial results
    * Improve heart and lung strength, efficiency, and capacity
    * Improve the efficiency of the body's immune system
    * Reduce stress
    * Improve the overall emotional condition
    * Increase energy
    * Delay some effects of the aging process
    * Help maintain muscle tone and balance
    * Help prevent osteoporosis
    * Assist in the control of diabetes.

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  4. Davidryan said:
    Health is wealth in real sense.
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  5. michael360's Avatar

    michael360 said:
    Fast walking is good for your heart as well as running. Fruit - yes they are good because they contains vitamins and sugar... but let's say if you have some problems with you stomach it might be not the best food for you.
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  6. shreyomega said:
    Thanks for sharing useful tips for health & fitness. Fruits are always good for health because each fruit have their own benefits. As about apple is a saying that "An apple in a day, keeps the doctor away".
  7. nishasharma1490 said:
    really very true lines... exercies is always help to stay healthy. Exercise and walk keeps the body fit and active..
  8. Summer2013 said:
    Yes. Exercise is very helpful.
  9. nymedicaid said:
    Staying healthy is the ultimate goal one should strive for.
  10. AmbrosiaMarsh said:
    Quote Originally Posted by Davidryan View Post
    Health is wealth in real sense.
    You are right Health is wealth in real sense.
    I daily rum 2 km early in the morning. Walking is very good for health. It keeps us fit.
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