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WINTER SKIN CARE Guidelines by Basil Lifecare

Thread: WINTER SKIN CARE Guidelines by Basil Lifecare

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  1. basilwellness said:

    WINTER SKIN CARE Guidelines by Basil Lifecare

    Taking a hot shower daily is important for the hygiene of your skin. You should do so in winter too. Keep these winter skin care tips in mind when stepping into the shower:

    • Avoid harsh (typically colored, fragrant or antibacterial) soaps and stick with mild non-drying soaps.
    • Apply your moisturizing cream immediately after bathing and toweling dry. This will seal in the moisture. Use moisturizing creams & ointments that are more appropriate for the than the face.

    Choose a really good moisturizer. Without doubt, this is the most important winter skin care tip.

    For your day cream, choose one that contains zinc oxide, and provides SPF30 protection. Good Moisturizers should form a protective barrier against the environment and its elements. Sun protective moisturizer SPF 30 is a very good choice. Select preparations which are creamier and water-in-oil emulsions.

    Your skin may become extremely irritated during winter. You should have some extra heavy duty moisturizing cream handy. You will need them for these problematic areas.

    Your lips Ė do not forget about them. Lips become easily chapped during winter. It is a very common and noticeable winter problem. Soften them up and pamper them throughout the winter season.

    You should use a lip balm to keep the lips moisturized and prevent them from drying out. The 3 essential qualities of a good lip balm:

    • Good moisturizing properties
    • Provide a barrier and protects the lips against the elements
    • Contains vitamin E for good elasticity

    Lip balm is a good lip balm that not only moisturizes but it protects your lips from getting dry and chapped.

    If your lips are peeling, heavy moisturizing alone will not treat the underlying problem or get rid of unwanted peeling skin. Waxes alone do not have any rejuvenation ability. They cannot help to replenish lost moisture. Choose a product that has AHA. Soften the lips nightly. It has a therapeutic effect on the lips.

    Are you on other medications that have a drying effect on your skin? It is still okay to use the above regimen. Consult your dermatologist. He may be able to prescribe an ointment that will help solve your problem. Or he may get you off your Accutane regimen temporarily.
    One of the huge concerns of winter is dry hands and cracking fingers. It is worse if you do a lot of housework or your work requires you to come into contact water or chemicals a lot.

    The dryness of the environment causes water to evaporate very quickly. As the water evaporates, it removes moisture from the skin too. So exposure to water actually dehydrates the skin faster.

    After washing your hands, seal them with a towel immediately and gently pat dry. You should do the same to your body after a bath.

    Such simple habits help to prevent what is commonly known as winter itch. As one age and gets older each year, the likelihood of suffering from winter itch is even higher.

    Your hands and your fingers tend to suffer more due to their constant contact with the elements. Use hand creams such as to help protect them against the elements in the environment and retain moisture. Use therapeutic options when the hands are suffering from itch and cracks.


    • These creams build a barrier between your skin and the cold, dry winter weather. Use a good, bland moisturizing cream frequently.
    • Use creams and not lotions. Lotions are absorbed quickly into the skin. It will form the protective barrier that is required.

    Keep your finger nails moist and prevent them from turning brittle.

    One key winter skin care tip is to minimize exposure of your skin to water. The less contact the better.

    If you have to do housework, wear protective gloves.

    Applying a nail hardener will help to protect and toughen them up.

    Take calcium supplements but be sure to follow the dosage given in the package. (If you are prone to kidney stones, then check with your doctor before starting them.)
    Do you have seborrhea commonly known as dandruff? Use non-prescription medicated shampoos will help you to keep the condition at bay. Watch out! A medicated shampoo tends to cause your hair to dry out and your hair will lose its shine.
    During summer, we often complain about oily skin. However, this is noticeably absent during winter due to the drier weather and central heating. Therefore the skin finds it harder to retain water in the dermis layer. Premature aging and fine lines are the result. The skin may also appear grey and puffy.

    The number of times that you exfoliate should be increased to twice a week. Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells and allow the skin to absorb more moisture.
    Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration. Try drinking a glass of hot water with lemon. Some people believe that this herbal remedy will help to re-energize your body. It will also help to detoxify your entire system, including the liver and gall bladder. This means that your body will be able to clean the blood faster to get rid of toxins responsible for bad skin.
    Get plenty of sleep! Sleep is when your body will rejuvenate itself. During sleep, the oxygen levels in your body will drop.

    Lack of sleep will take toil on your body in the long run. If you do not get sufficient sleep, your body and your cells (including the cells in your skin) will not have a chance to be renewed as quickly. Degenerative skin aging sets in.
    It would be ideal if you can get at least seven, if not eight or nine hours of rest a night.
    Donít forget your sun protection! The sun doesnít go away just because itís snowing or cloudy!

    Continue to use your sunscreen with an SPF of 15 that protects against both UVA and UVB. This is an important step in your daily winter skin care routine. The sun ages your skin ... Prevent it!

    You may want to change to a more hydrating base for your sunscreen for wintertime. Extra hydration does not mean extra oily. There are many formulations available that are oil-free. Also, wear a sun protective hat.
    Last but not least, protect yourself from frostbite. Watch out for frostbite if you are outdoors, at high elevations or in windy conditions or have wet clothing. Change your clothes immediately when coming in from skiing or other winter sports. Carry extra clothing and blankets in your car when traveling.
  2. CruiseCarrie123 said:
    In winter skin gets dry so to avoid it try using maximum Natural Skin Care Products ..Along with that take care of hair scalp also..
  3. adamcollin said:
    Great tips.

    One must also see a skin specialist to analyze the skin type and treat any kind of skin problem. A dermatologist or skin care specialist can give you advice on the skin care products you should be using.
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