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Hormone therapy prostate cancer

Thread: Hormone therapy prostate cancer

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  1. AmbrosiaMarsh said:

    Hormone therapy prostate cancer

    Hormones occur naturally in your body. They control the growth and activity of normal cells. Cancer of the prostate depends on the male hormone testosterone to grow. So lowering the amount of testosterone in the body can reduce the chance of an early prostate cancer coming back after treatment. Or it can shrink an advanced prostate tumour down or slow its growth. Sometimes hormone therapy can make advanced prostate cancer symptoms disappear completely. This kind of treatment usually works well for a few years. After that, the cancer often stops responding to the hormone treatment and starts to grow again.
  2. adamcollin said:
    What are the side effects of hormone therapy for prostate cancer?
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  3. davefranco's Avatar

    davefranco said:
    Loss of interest in sex (lowered libido)
    Erectile dysfunction.
    Hot flashes.
    Loss of bone density.
    Bone fractures.
    Loss of muscle mass and physical strength.
    Changes in blood lipids.
    Insulin resistance.
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