This is my first post. I wanted to share some of my research with the community on body building and medical research surrounding it. As a past amateur bodybuilder and witness to some very severe injuries over the years, it is really important that there are more resources available to those that are involved in extreme weightlifting and competition.

The Dangers of Bodybuilding
As I am sure many of you already know, the dangers of bodybuilding are vast. There are muscle injuries, bone injuries, and then cardio-vascular risks with the intake of anabolic steroids, which is rampant in the competitive space. Although these risks don't outweigh the rewards for some, there are mitigation strategies that can help lower the risk. For example, sharing resources on better workout recovery tactics and better medical information for those that are self-prescribing. Although, we currently have a culture that is against anabolic use (which is a good thing), this animosity creates a lack of information that in some cases can become deadly for those that misuse their self-prescribed medication.

Resources for Safer Bodybuilding
There are multiple online and offline publications that can help with better fitness strategies for weightlifters. These are easily divided into two parts -- workout recovery/injury mitigation and medication information. Although there are added benefits to reading journals on nutrition and body fat control, having too little body fat is only a rare danger.

Some of the health resources available for bodybuilders are:

Muscle Recovery and Sleep
In recent studies, muscle recovery has a high connection with sleep. Although this is somewhat debated in the academic realm, the quality of sleep is extremely important to workout recovery time and whether one should pursue a more strenuous plan the next day. Although some high caliber athletes sleep less than the average person (in part because of longer endorphin outputs), the quality of their lesser amounts of sleep is extremely important and sleep interruption can cause big issues. For these reasons, it is really important to make sure that the body builder can sleep comfortably and in a cool, quiet environment. There is one company that specializes in mattress reviews that provides a great resource summarizing the best mattresses for bodybuilders that are proven to help with muscle relief, sleep, and recovery.