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Cardiology and some other stuff

Thread: Cardiology and some other stuff

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  1. IMG SURVIVOR's Avatar

    IMG SURVIVOR said:

    Cardiology and some other stuff

    Just read this for a quick review of Cardiology plus some other stuff.
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    why even bother with the obvious. Just know where you are need it and where you can help the most.
  2. kmans said:
    What do people reccomend for Cardiology Fellowship reading?
  3. zs.vatan said:
    thanks, as a IM resident,I'd say these notes are great.
  4. sara_sagacious said:
    You raise an interesting issue.
    thank you.
  5. loka1282 said:
    There are books for Cardiology here. See if its useful; Show Catalog - ****
  6. DrDVS said:

    Thanks for the Info.
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