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osmotic food

Thread: osmotic food

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  1. medor said:

    osmotic food


    patients with diarrhea must avoid to drink hyperosmotic liquids, because it will cause osmotic diarrhea

    but why a carb solution is considered a hyperosmotic liquid, since carbs move fast across the membrane of the intestine?

    also, aren't all food considered hyperosmotic, since they contain many osmols? even rice or bread or soups that are recommended?

  2. medor said:
  3. soniaa's Avatar

    soniaa said:
    you answered your own questions, Carbs move water across the membrane, so avoiding carbs would be beneficial, other things are fiber containing foods. now what to give to diarrhea patient. Fluids,Gatorade and Antibiotic/Bismuth
  4. aiden.rojer said:
    Well it is true that because we usually do not care for whenever we take some food or beverages that either it is good for us or not.There are many diseases in which we are restricted like the stomach patients are restricted to take tea.
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