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Internal Med Shelf Test Soon

Thread: Internal Med Shelf Test Soon

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  1. vanco513 said:

    Internal Med Shelf Test Soon

    Hello everyone,
    I was wondering if you knew of reading material for my soon internal medicine test?
    I looked at case files, but does one have good apps to look at, so I can study on phone? I started the questions from U-world internal medicine section on my phone. Any other idea you all would have?
  2. meneggan said:
    Incase you didn't see it from the Step 2 CK forum:

    I have used a few different medical applications of course Uworld, Lange, intern 911 pearls, case files, i think first aid may have a little. They are all pretty good at giving you a number of questions. I think all these sources help a little here and there. Of course your main source should be probably be case files or world, but all the others really help get you extra facts on different parts of medicine. They also give you easy ways to remember things. (first aid/intern 911 pearls)

    I hope this helps. Those are what I found to be helpful and stay on top of info anyways..

  3. vanco513 said:
    Thank you for your information.
  4. vanco513 said:
    I found an app for my normal lab value. Anyone have any other suggestion? I found one named pocket lab on itunes, but they all cost. I also found one called qLab on itunes it seems very helpful and to the point. It is also free.

    nyone have any other ideas out there?
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