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Need clarification for ECFMG Credit Transfer Policy

Thread: Need clarification for ECFMG Credit Transfer Policy

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  1. studentone said:

    Need clarification for ECFMG Credit Transfer Policy

    Can someone please help me, I am in a some what in catch 22 type of position. Need to transfer from one to another medical school in Caribbean.

    Need to know does ECFMG accept transfer of credits taken over 7 years or can I get exception based on my situation. My first year in med school was 8.5 years ago, then there were some breaks in my study as I got very sick and was unable to complete so after break I transferred to another school. Now I have completed my 4th year but due to recent change of my current school's NBME policy I am being forced to look for another school where I can perhaps repeat 4th year and graduate. B/W I have passed my step 1 with 87% score. I am listing ECFMG statement below, can please someone help me get the clarification please, or can I get exception if possible.

    For the purpose of ECFMG Certification, credits earned on or after January 1, 2008 that are transferred to the medical school that awarded or will award an applicant’s medical degree must meet all of the following criteria:

    • Credits must be transferred from one IMED-listed medical school to another IMED-listed medical school.
    • Credits must be for courses taken at one medical school within seven years of the date of graduation at the medical school that accepts the transferred courses.
    • Credits must be for courses that were passed at the medical school at which the course was taken.

    Applicants whose transferred credits do not comply with the policy outlined above will not meet the requirements to be registered by ECFMG for examination or the requirements for ECFMG Certification.
  2. studentone said:
    Just called today as per ECFMG rep 7 years credit transfer rule has been discontinued as of July 29th, 2015 update. Now there is no restriction on credit transfer with time limit, as long as you have a passing grade you can transfer from one IMED listed school to another IMED listed school.

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  3. lantranhana said:

    Im a transfer student to a Caribbean university from an European university.
    I was just wondering that ECFMG is asking the transfer course details, will they communicate with my previous university? Or will they just go ahead with the process with my current university that is sponsoring my Step 1 application?
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