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Deciding between AUC MERP and Ross

Thread: Deciding between AUC MERP and Ross

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  1. figuringitout123 said:

    Deciding between AUC MERP and Ross

    Heard back from AUC/Ross yesterday. AUC accepted me into MERP for December 2015, to start at AUC in May 2016. Ross accepted me into January 2016. Should be hearing back for SGU for an interview by Monday. I don't have to make a decision till week 2 of October.

    AUC has been my top choice of the 3 schools: smaller class size, more "developed" island, and I have a few friends who go there right now and haven't had any major negative experiences. I know MERP would be a great way to prepare myself for AUC's curriculum, but it is also an additional expense to incur. And there is somewhat of a risk factor with the program.

    Ross is direct, but I know very little about it. The huge class sizes/attrition rate trouble me and that it is more in the way of "disasters" and the likes. Less "developed", but there is the option of finishing in 4 semesters which is appealing.

    What would be the wiser way to go? Anyone who has done MERP successfully or was at/is at Ross and has experiences to share? Also is there a way to defer Ross for a semester while I wait for a response from other schools potentially or would this not be an option whatsoever?

    I should also mention I am applying to a few DO schools at the moment and just got verified Friday so I'm hoping to hear back for secondaries to come from these schools soon.
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  2. asala025 said:
    Hey, what ended up happening?
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