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Funding from The Paras Education Foundation :)

Thread: Funding from The Paras Education Foundation :)

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  1. RPMALPE said:

    Smile Funding from The Paras Education Foundation :)

    If you aspire to study abroad then you need strong financial backup. If this is where you are stuck up then Paras Education Foundation is what you need. The Foundation helps you achieve your goals. All you have to do is dream big and make it come true by connecting with them. The loan procedure is simple, with low rates of interest and most importantly very helpful faculty. If you are thinking of a loan to back up your education don't hesitate to contact The Paras Education Foundation.
    I would like to say that Paras Education Foundation makes your loan process effortless and easy.
    You cannot find such support from any other bank. I'd like people to be aware of such organization that helps students achieve their dreams. They are genuine and fund for any type of study in abroad.

    Perks of taking the loan from Paras:
    Low rate of interest below 7% or even 5%
    Simplified loan process
    No mortgage
    Supports your living and other expenses with your tuition fees
    Guidance from them

    I had a great experience with them and would like other students to experience this too.
  2. ansh said:
    i had a great experience working with paras foundation. the funds were easily available also the repayment seems to be easy, will definitely encourage other students going abroad to apply for the loan.
    Keep doing the good work
  3. Summer2013 said:
    Students from what countries can apply for the loans with this company?
  4. AlvinaKim said:
    Can Indian apply for it?
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