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IB Student Looking for Affordable Medical School

Thread: IB Student Looking for Affordable Medical School

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  1. VioDioxide said:

    Question IB Student Looking for Affordable Medical School

    Hello everyone!

    I am currently an IB student in grade 11 in Thailand. I am Israeli but don't want to study there since there'd be mandatory 3 years of military service. I am looking for a suitable medical school and for the moment the best I've found is Italy and I've narrowed it down to mainly Pavia but Milan is also an option. I do think that Pavia is a good match but it bums me out that they don't look at IB grades, past experiences or have any interviews. I shadowed doctors twice, am president of the student council, got a full scholarship for my senior year, and I believe that I'd do well in an interview seeing as I have leadership qualities and am quite outspoken. I am looking for a university where I can use these assets to be accepted on top of grades rather than have a university that picks the top students of the admission test. I'm looking for a medical school that teaches an undergraduate course in English which is highly regarded and isn't too expensive (no more than 15,000$). Finally I was wondering if there's any way I could contact a student in Pavia or Milan and talk to them about the university and have them answer the many questions I have about it. Any help would greatly be appreciated, thanks
  2. mastac741 said:
    They're all expensive.
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