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Caribbean Medical Schools

Thread: Caribbean Medical Schools

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  1. said:

    Exclamation Caribbean Medical Schools

    Hi, I am a student looking forward to joining one of the Caribbean Medical Schools in 2019. I have kept Windsor and Texila as two of my options because of their low tuition fee. However, tuition fee is not a very restrictive constraint for me. Should I prefer Windsor/ Texila over other schools, incase I get through everywhere?
  2. Atlantichater said:
    Neither school is accredited by the CAAM-HP

    Your medical career will be finished even before it starts if you choose either of these piss poor options.

    Your message has the whiff of an employee troller working for either of these schools.

    Everyone sees right through you.

    Just get off the site and don't ruin someone's life by influencing them to choose non-accredited schools, according to CAAM-HP
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  3. md2be_ said:
    Hi, I'm a current 3rd year medical student at St. George's University in Grenada, West Indies. I would consider checking SGU out. As scary as starting medical school in the Caribbean might seem at first, SGU is a great school. In regards to tuition, SGU is a little pricy with a term costing between $31,00-$35,000 but it is well worth it and it is also a US accredited medical school.The curriculum is difficult like in any medical school but it makes for hard working students and future physicians. My friends and I all excelled during our first 2 years of med school in Grenada, and are also doing well in clinicals. SGU prepares students very well for USMLE Step exams and for clinical rotations.
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