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For medical graduates starting in UK

Thread: For medical graduates starting in UK

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  1. Dr.Zak said:

    For medical graduates starting in UK

    Just thought I’d share,

    If anyone’s nervous about starting work in the NHS and wants to know what’s what, try the following course, might help

    overseasdoctorsuk (of course the normal way you’ll add a web address, with com at the end)

    It’s purely educational, but not sure if the site will allow it

    thanks guys

  2. katleinjay said:
    if you want any help then you can see windsor blogs for information
  3. shanelowney's Avatar

    shanelowney said:
    If anyone needs a help from medical educational experts then visit All Saints University. They offers a medical courses with clinical clerkship opportunity or facility. For more details visit official website of all saints u dot org.
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