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ACGME Hospital vs ACGME Rotation

Thread: ACGME Hospital vs ACGME Rotation

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  1. ChronoTriggerMed said:

    ACGME Hospital vs ACGME Rotation

    There is a difference between an ACGME hospital (a hospital sponsoring at least 1 ACGME residency program) and an ACGME rotation (a rotation which has a residency program in that area).

    So then, which States will license grads with core rotations done at an ACGME hospitals? Which States are more picky and will only grant licenses to those with ACGME rotations?
  2. drj2b said:

    Who knows?!
  3. Doc Mobile said:
    There used to be a very comprehensive directory published by the that had info on all the different states. They should still have that detailed info available.
  4. vmtrinka said:
    The website has quite some information about the requirements for state licensures, but one has to really do some research to get these information. your best bet is to ask your medical school advisor as they may have come across this question several times.
  5. vmtrinka said:
    There is a page in the FSMB website which has a link to all the State's official licensing requirements. I am unable to post a direct link here. But it is basically the FSMB website with the following url : /licensure/fcvs/state-requirements
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