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Residency/Specialisation in Germany- admissions are open for 2013 intake

Thread: Residency/Specialisation in Germany- admissions are open for 2013 intake

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  1. germanmedizin said:

    Medical Specialization in Germany

    Hello doctors,

    We may not be able to reply new email enquiries. We have a large number of Candidates in waiting list. Best wishes for your Career.

    Have a nice day.

    Germanmedizin team.
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  2. germanmedizin said:
    Because of the huge number of enquiries of medical degree holders from China, we hereby inform you that your medical undergruaduate/bachelor degree from China is not recognised as a medical degree for entering Residency in Germany. Please note that you will have to do Masters in medicine from China to be recognised as a Medical degree to pursue Specialization/Residency/work as a doctor in Germany.


    Germanmedizin team.
  3. DrRoy Jr said:

    Indians with chinese mbbs degree & elligibility to do residency in germany

    @ GermanMedizin ,

    "As per 1st april,2012 , It has been possible for all applicants to apply for a full licence to practise medicine regardless of their nationality." Said , Bundesärztekammer / German Medical Association

    I am a citizen of India & obtained my Primary medical qualification ( undergraduate medical degree- M.B.B.S. ) of 5.5. years which includes 1 year of internship in July,2012 from Liaoning Medical University [ before k/a, Jinzhou Medical Uni. ],
    Liaoning, P.R.China.

    I have recently talked to a couple of Recruiters in Germany just like yours. And all of them informed me that we who are

    -Obtained primadry medical qualification(MBBS)(5.5 years in eng medium) frm CHINA +
    -Completed their internship+
    -have got degrees written in ENG lang +
    -Haven't persued Indian registration yet/hasn't cleared MCI screening test or FMGE +

    are totally elligible to get the into the residency into their partner hospitals only If we obtain B2/C1 level of german language with A medical preparatory program (18 months) from their institute.

    And, moreover i asked some of the agencies in my city too, they also said that we are completely elligible.
    all that matters that , Whether we achieve B2/C1 level and has done medical preparatory program well enough or not !

    My point is why to create controversies like you said already That Chinese medical degrees aren't valid to get into residency in germany .

    Did you mean, only for Chinese people those who are studying in Chinese language ? or You meant everyone including students like us who are indians and got their degree from there?

    PLEASE Explain...

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