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How do medical boards know about your rotations?

Thread: How do medical boards know about your rotations?

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  1. MDapplicant88 said:

    How do medical boards know about your rotations?

    So lets say you go to a foreign medical school say in Mexico. You did all your core rotations in Mexico at the hospitals affiliated with the school except for 1 rotation which was done in the united states at a non ACGME NOn affiliated hospital. If you were to apply for licensing cant you just say you did all your rotations at the foreign school without mentioning the U.S hospital since our transcripts dont mention which hospital we did our rotation in? Wouldnt that then be a loop hole for students avoiding the proof of clerkship that many licensing applications require?
  2. rokshana said:
    soooo…you wanna lie about where you did rotations, even if the state medical board asks where you did your rotations?
    That's as wise as going to said mexican medical school in the 1st place…

    if the US rotation was an extra rotation, it won't have any effect…however, if its a core rotation, there are states (like Va and Cali) that will ask you to list where you did the rotation and who the program director is….many times they will contact to verify your rotation.
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  3. devildoc8404's Avatar

    devildoc8404 said:
    What rok said.

    Not to mention the fact that you would want to be using that US clinical experience to earn glowing letters of recommendation from US PDs and attendings... since letters from overseas are generally viewed as worthless in that regard. Soooo, you are going to tell the state medical boards, and by extension the residency programs, that you did not rotate there, but the letters they receive will then be talking about your rotation there? The idea of "Yeah, the PD of University Hospital really liked me a lot when I... um... didn't complete a rotation there" just seems as a little off, somehow. Remember that the state where you apply for your first license is also where you will be completing residency training. What if the hospital sends information to the state board that is in direct contradiction to what you told the state board?

    It would seem to me that having to spend an entire residency/career worrying about whether or not the state medical board is going to catch you in a lie -- which could cost you your freaking license -- would be more than enough incentive to do it right the first time, even if it is a mild pain in the butt.

    FWIW: Students at my school (myself included) completed USCE during vacation periods. This worked well because we could make connections and earn LORs, but the clinical work did not have to be counted toward graduation... and those who applied for residency back in the US did not have to worry about such red tape.

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