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General Question about Accreditions

Thread: General Question about Accreditions

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  1. shalbpan said:

    Cool General Question about Accreditions

    Hi I was looking into some caribbean medical schools and I see some of them are not accredited by CA, NY, etc. So does that mean I cannot practice in those states if i graduate from a medical school that is not properly accredited. Or does that mean I cannot simply do my clinical in those states? If i do choose to go to one of the lower end schools, what should I be watching for? It would be a great help if someone can explain this to me. Thanks.
  2. Tipton's Avatar

    Tipton said:
    (All of this is my own interpretation of the info I have read in regulations and learned in correspondence with State med boards.)

    CA approval = must have attended and graduate from a CA approved med school in order to be eligible for residency or licensure in CA. Clinicals in CA are limited to only CA approved schools. They recently added a regulatory exception for graduates of non-approved schools which allows them to apply for a licensure after practicing in another State for 20(?) years. Not sure if that also applies for dis-approved schools. You can read all of CA's regulations online and call them of course. A handful of States "use" the CA approved list of med schools but in nothing like a uniform fashion. If you think a State uses the list, call that States med board and ask them if and then how they use it.

    NYS approval = two different '12-week' rules: 1) students from NYS approved schools are allowed to complete more than 12 weeks of clinicals in NYS hospitals. If a graduate from a non-NYS approved school completes more then 12 weeks of clinicals in NYS hospitals they are not eligible for residency in NYS. 2) Students from non-NYS approved med schools may only do a maximum of 12 weeks of clinicals outside the country where the school is domiciled. If they do more then 12 weeks they are not eligible for residency in NYS. Rule 1 may also apply to licensure. Rule 2 does not apply to licensure. Finding info online for some of this is pretty easy. Most of it needs to be confirmed by calling the NYS Depts. of Health & Education.

    The only other State approval with any teeth is Texas. They have a comprehensive list of the non-Texas schools which have been deemed equivalent to Texas med schools. Pretty sure they ( TX med board) have a process in place for a graduate of a non-Texas approved school to provide documentation proving its equivalence.

    FL and NJ approvals only apply to a med school's students eligibility to complete clinicals in those States' hospitals.

    As always the best way to confirm info is to call the board. If they seem to provide you confusing or contradictory info (from more than one source), ask them to provide you the info in writing.
  3. shalbpan said:
    Thanks +Tipton for your reply. From what I understood, going to a lower end school which are not CA or NY approved limit my chances of applying for residencies in those states? I never knew that it would take about 20 something years of practice in another state to transfer the license to a state such as CA. Thanks for the info.
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