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California requirements

Thread: California requirements

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  1. PatPark's Avatar

    PatPark said:

    California requirements

    Recently, I've begun to see posts expressing a lot of anxiety about new regulations adopted by the California and Texas medical boards that might jeopardize the approval of Caribbean medical schools. I can only speak for California. California law doesn't require medical schools to support residency training programs or continuing medical education programs. There is no plan to add such wording to California law in the future.

    With respect to research programs, medical schools applying for recognition in California are asked to document how their school's mission statement and objectives include: "The role of research as an integral component of its mission, including the importance, nature, objectives, processes and evaluation of research in medical education and practice." We don't expect Caribbean medical schools to support world-class research campuses stretching for miles, staffed by an army of research professors, grad students and postdocs. We do expect to see the medical schools making it possible for their faculty to participate in research projects in addition to their teaching duties and for interested students to have the opportunity to assist the faculty in those projects. The Board will apply the requirement in a reasonable manner.

    Officials at AUC, Ross and St. George's universities are all aware of the California Medical Board's requirements. The Board has no hidden agenda against any school or region of the world or any intent to revoke the recognition of these schools or make it unreasonably difficult for new schools to qualify for recognition in the future. So please don't stress about California's research requirement.

    Pat Park, Foreign Schools Liaison, Medical Board of California
    Pat Park
    Foreign Schools Liaison
    Medical Board of California
  2. tRmedic21 said:

    Thank you, Ms. Park

    Thank you very much for your clarification of these matters. It is a load off the minds of some students, I am sure.... now I personally would like to see a similar statement from the Texas board.... as that is a place nearer and dearer to my heart (no offense Ms. Park!) than California.
  3. microphage's Avatar

    microphage said:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    Thank you, Ms. Park! This little thing sprung up right before exam week #2 and got me a tad bit worried(just a tad). Now I can go back and study (worry free) on how babies are born.(embryology)

    Thanks again!
    Finally beat Super Mario Bros within 7 mins.
  4. Doc's Avatar

    Doc said:

    Thank you

    Ms. Park:

    It's very good to hear your take on the new rules which many topics have revolved around lately. Thanks so much for providing that reassuring information to put some of the anxiety to rest. If you don't mind, I'll convert your post into an "Important Announcement" so that it can be easily seen throughout the site.

    Users, please keep in mind that Ms. Park has graciously volunteered her time in order to provide this information for you. So please extend her the courtesy she deserves and try to respect her limited time which she has chosen to spend with us.

    As always, we're all very grateful for your time Ms. Park
    Site Administrator
  5. awdc said:

    Thank you!

    Just want to say thank you for the post. As a Californian, it's a relief to hear good news regarding that matter.
    PGY-1 Emergency Medicine
  6. Faith said:

    The Rumor Mill, alive and well

    This is a really good example of the entity known as the rumor mill. No one is ever sure how these get started, but they are always a source of worry when students already have too much to think about anyway.

    To those future students: read and take note, find good, reliable resources (like Ms. Park), do a little research and place your earplugs appropriately. Save the energy for the exams!

    Faith Dillard, MD

    “Well behaved women rarely make history."
    Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
  7. Nebakanezer said:

    Re: Thank You

    Thank You, Ms. Park. The time and effort you dedicate to educate the students of this site is always appreciated.
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  8. FLK's Avatar

    FLK said:


    thumbs up Pat

    oh wait, I don't have thumbs......

    antennae up Pat!
  9. ResearchingGuy said:

    Thank You !

    Let me add my voice to the chorus of "Thank-you's" for your timely post. It always best to hear straight from the source, especially when it is good news.

    Thanks for thinking of us.

    Best of Luck to Us All!
  10. mr. rogers said:


    i just looked up TX today it states that a person can be licensed in TX if the school meets the same requirements as any TX medical school i have researched this and sc does meet thoes requirements. however if you want to clinicals and residency in TX you have to sign on as a visiting student at a TX medical school hospital such as UTMB in galveston. If you set up on your own you can still do this but if the board has not approved the facility you will riska chance to get a license in TX. if you go through someone like UTMB there will be no problem. go to the TEXAS STATE BOARD OF MEDICAL LICENSE click on board rules the links will be there for you to veiw. you can also look to see what off shore medical schools have had students to obtain a Tx license. there are no approved off shore med schools in texas they have to meet the requirments stated.

    if need any help PM and i will be happy yo help you anyway i can
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