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failed two classes...

Thread: failed two classes...

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  1. Mr. Awesome said:

    failed two classes...

    hey guys i failed two classes this past semester, I already wrote my appeals letter and submitted it but now what?
    anyone know of students who failed two core classes and not get dismissed?
  2. ckintuition said:
    I would say a 2nd tier school would be better than going to China. MBBS is similar but not the same. The 2nd tier schools give you a surrounding of US students, a direct MD program and clerkships in the US, all of which will help in your favor. Going abroad, getting an MBBS and converting it to MD with whatever it takes, hours, classes, who knows, and then applying for a match from there would def be harder given the surrounding I would say.

    Ultimately you are no where near a US grad, so your step score either way will make or break you. So I would personally get it together and stop transferring schools because you are doing bad. If you are doing bad stop thinking about other medical schools and start thinking about nursing. Change your ways and stay where you are and give yourself confidence and prove you can do it. Then you have the Step, Rotations, Residency, if you cant do it now, I dont think you can.
  3. rossmd122009 said:
    To be honest, I don't think program directors really care. If you're a FMG you're a FMG. I do think program directors look at a FMG favorably if he/she has had a good experience with a resident or medical student from a particular school. Which is why I usually suggest students pick one of the "big four" since PDs are more likely to have experience working with alumni from one of the older more established Caribbean Schools as opposed to one of the newer schools with few alumni.

    As for what matters etc... If you performed poorly in your first semester don't give up hope. You at least made it through. Now reevaluate what you can do differently in terms of studying and begin making changes immediately. Constantly adjust and reevaluate your study habits/techniques until you're satisfied with your performance. Study knowing you're eventually going to have to take the step and be expected to recall all of the information you've learned during the basic sciences. Focus on the big picture when you study... then focus on the details.

    In regards to what matters to PDs... as long as your grades aren't horrible and there aren't multiple fails/withdraws on your record, an amazing Step I and II score is really the end all... Because it's the one true rubric by which all applicants are measured by. For all a PD knows, a C at one school may be equivalent to a B at another school... But everyone has to take the USMLE and it is the one thing that is graded the same for everyone.

    Granted I'm not a PD I'm only providing my opinion with regards to my experiences having gone through the application process. Without question, the step score is the most important factor in the eyes of PDs.
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  4. goodfella84 said:
    Wow I didn't even know there were Chinese med schools in English...and they're that cheap? What parts of China are they in?
  5. don1 said:
    Quote Originally Posted by ckintuition View Post
    So I would personally get it together and stop transferring schools because you are doing bad. If you are doing bad stop thinking about other medical schools and start thinking about nursing.
    ouch that is harsh!! but very truthful...
  6. houmd's Avatar

    houmd said:
    Quote Originally Posted by rossmd122009 View Post
    Unless the OP has some amazing circumstances that lead him/her to failing two courses.. this just frustrates me. If it was up to me, students should be up for dismissal if they fail even one course (for their own good). Students need to realize that going to the Caribbean is already the LAST chance at becoming a physician. Making it out of a Caribbean med school with sub-par grades and step scores is as good as failing out after 1st semester... Each year residency positions become more and more competitive... Caribbean students are already at a disadvantage... now add a poor transcript and poor test scores to the equation, you'll never match and still owe hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    To the OP, I'm not familiar with MUA's policy... but if somehow you have an exceptionally good reason for your failures and MUA allows you to stay... you need to really reevaluate your study habits and more importantly your motivations and sincerity for wanting to be a physician in the first place. I have seen students turn things around after a poor test score... but the vast majority of students who fail even one course in either 1st or 2nd semester rarely make it through.

    I'm not trying to scare you... I'm trying to get people to realize that becoming a physician is not something you decide to do because you didn't know what else to do with your undergraduate degree in Biology... or becoming a M.D. seemed like a good secure job... It gets exponentially more difficult as you progress through until finally you are dealing with lives... and there are no retakes if you fail then. This is a ridiculous post and I have no sympathy for individual that are not taking the chance to be responsible for life seriously.

    Sorry for the rant.
    This is exactly what I try to tell people around me. This is great advice that people need to take seriously. So many people go to these schools for the wrong reasons and end up only hurting themselves.
  7. WorldMedStudent said:
    Quote Originally Posted by goodfella84 View Post
    Wow I didn't even know there were Chinese med schools in English...and they're that cheap? What parts of China are they in?
    Some consider China as third-world, developing country. i still love the country. By Chinese standard, $5000 is expensive. Half of Chinese don't make 5000.

    English-medium schools are @ big cities, esp Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong (hard to get in). 200 med schools in China. 34 teach in English.

    But English MBBS may not be ok by CA board. (?!) love cali too. So I think Chinese MBBS can get a person to eventually apply to 50 states, unlike 46 by MUA. anyone knows more? plz prove me wrong.

    Feel that I should learn in my native lang. mandarin. Feel like I can't keep pace w/ accelerated prog. Start over at my city of birth, 20 fam members are there, 100 friends. good or bad?

    USMLE in 4 cities. Beijing has the best ones. BUG : Beijing USMLE Group, most pass USMLE 3 steps
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