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skype entrance exam interview for 4 yr MD program

Thread: skype entrance exam interview for 4 yr MD program

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  1. pre-med said:

    skype entrance exam interview for 4 yr MD program

    Hi everyone!!

    Does anyone know what type of questions they ask for the skype entrance exam for Lodz? Are they difficult? And could someone provide me with some examples of the questions they ask?

  2. veedee said:
    I had my interview yesterday and I was accepted today
    I will be in 6 yr program
    Anyone else going this October? Or already there?
  3. rjkhemlani said:
    What questions did they ask?
  4. veedee said:
    Quote Originally Posted by rjkhemlani View Post
    What questions did they ask?

    I put that on a separate thread- 6yr Lodz just had Skype interview!
  5. Nilaa said:
    i am having my exam tomorow, and i am really freaked out... because i am scared that i will forget everything i know in bio and physics. so those people who have done physics and bio can you please tell me what the regular questions can be or basic ones, because right now it feels like all questions are basic
  6. hasmik_haroyan said:
    Hello! I know already 6 years passed after you texted on this website,but if you are still here and are studying in MUL , I would like to ask you some questions about the life in Poland and how are studies in the university. Today is my skype entrance exam and I really hope that I will be accepted.
    It will be a big help for me to get an answer back from you!
  7. Ahmed_Assi said:

    What kind of questions did they ask you?
    I’ll have the exam on the 29. And I’m really curious about what they’ll ask��
    I’d love to hear back from you!
  8. hasmik_haroyan said:
    Hello! They asked me about digestive system, about enzymes, how diabetes is caused, what is an aldehyde, about states of matter ,structure of mitochondria and atoms,
    Today I got my letter of acceptance, I wish you good luck! Tell me when you get accepted!
    Happy to help you!😇
  9. Ahmed_Assi said:
    Thank you so much! That’s very helpful!

    You’ll hear back from me after the 29th!��
  10. hasmik_haroyan said:
    Ok , I wish you good luck! And I will wait for your result.
  11. Mohamad20066 said:
    Hi guys, should we answer all the questions correctly to get accepted?
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